Find out water levels in Yukon lakes and rivers

The Government of Yukon and Government of Canada monitor the amount of water in Yukon rivers and lakes. This data can be used to monitor current conditions and perform further analyses to determine the frequency of flows.

Get current conditions and forecasts

See flood warnings and advisories on the Flood Atlas


Other sources for conditions and seasonal forecasts:

Get historical flow data on small streams

Research data

We’ve conducted hydrologic and other environmental research in the Wolf Creek basin near Whitehorse since 1992. The long-term monitoring includes 4 stream flow stations as well as other climate and hydrology monitoring. See the University of Saskatchewan's Global Water Futures and Changing Cold Regions Network Programmes and click on number 12 to view this data. Current research is largely associated with the Global Water Futures project, a 7-year study dedicated to monitoring water threats in an era of global change.

Find out about long-term trends

Climate change has the potential to significantly alter water flows in the north. Snow melt, rain events, permafrost and glaciers control flows in Yukon rivers. Changes to any of these can result in dramatic changes to the timing and volume of flow. The Yukon State of the Environment Report tracks changes in water levels and flows over time.

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