Water research and assessments

  • Projects
  • Audits and targeted studies
  • Event summary reports
  • Water data

See recent water research and assessments. Find documents related to water monitoring and other activities that the Government of Yukon is conducting to better understand Yukon’s water.

  1. Audits and targeted studies

    Water resources audits

    Water resources audits are scientific examinations conducted by the Government of Yukon to assess potential impacts to surface and groundwater quality and quantity from water-related activities (e.g. water treatment facilities, mines, aquaculture). Results from audits inform input into environmental review and assessment processes.

    Mining Activities

    Municipal Waste Water Treatment Facilities


    Regional water characterizations

    Regional water resources characterization provide an in-depth analysis of existing conditions in specific regions.

  2. Event summary reports

    Water-related events and workshops are often hosted to promote collaboration and knowledge transfer among water stewards and managers within the Yukon and beyond.


  3. Water data

    Read a description of water data networks operated or co-operated by the Government of Yukon.

    Find water data

    The Yukon Water Data Catalogue provides information on water sampling locations, periods of record and contact information for a variety of water networks.

    View the Water Data Catalogue. 


For questions about water research and assessments, email waterresources@yukon.ca or phone 867-667-3171 or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 3171.