Learn about Yukon heritage planning

The Government of Yukon works with Yukon First Nations, communities and stakeholders to develop long-term heritage management and interpretive plans for several important historic sites.

Management plans guide how sites are preserved and developed and how the public may interact with them. Interpretive plans identify themes and stories to help inform visitors about the importance of the sites' history and culture.

Management plans

Visit the Yukon Heritage Planning website to learn more about the plans and what sites are currently in the planning stage.

Completed heritage management plans

Interpretive plans and displays

Interpretation connects us to a place. It communicates stories of the surrounding area and the people who live and travel there.

We lead the development of Interpretive Plans for significant historic sites. This includes sites that are co-owned and co-managed with Yukon First Nations. Interpretive Plans provide recommendations for on-site interpretation, programming and interpretive media like publications.

Visit the Yukon Heritage Planning website to find out about current interpretive planning.

Completed interpretive plans

Historic sites




Find more publications about Yukon historic sites by searching the Energy, Mines and Resources Library catalogue.


For questions about heritage planning, email heritage.planning@gov.yk.ca or phone: 867-667-5386 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5386. They can also tell you about interpretive displays along Yukon's trails and rivers.