Apply for funding for new housing initiatives

The 2018 intake period is now closed. The next call for projects will be in January 2019.

What is the Housing Initiatives Fund?

The Housing Initiatives Fund provides funding for housing developments and programs that increase the number of housing units across Yukon.

Housing developments that access this fund can be supportive or social housing or affordable rental or home ownership. We encourage innovative housing projects that can include mixed market housing or co-housing.

The fund is available as a capital grant for new housing developments or a new rent supplement attached to new units. It can be combined with other government programs.

This fund is intended to support housing developments that will have new units on the market with occupancy within 16 to 18 months of submission to the fund, and that will remain as affordable housing for 20 years.


  • Community housing providers including public or private non-profit housing organizations or rental co-operatives;
  • First Nation governments and development corporations;
  • non-profit sector; and
  • private sector.

What types of housing developments are eligible?

  • Community and affordable housing;
  • First Nations’ community housing;
  • mixed use market and affordable rental;
  • new construction and, or conversion from a non-residential use to affordable multi-residential;
  • shelters; and
  • transitional and supportive housing.

Projects must be at least 4 units in Whitehorse and at least 2 units in communities.

Available funds

There is $3.6 million available in 2018-19. We will distribute funds between rural communities and Whitehorse.

  • Capital grant housing developments, for new units, will be considered for $50,000 a door or unit or a maximum of $500,000*.
  • Rent supplements are available for new units. Timelines and amounts will be considered by project.

*Financial viability and bank loan security will be considered differently depending on a non-profit model vs a for profit model

Application submission deadline

The 2018 intake period is now closed. The next call for projects will be January 2019.

This fund will have 1 intake a year for 5 years from 2018 to 2023. Housing development submissions that have a break ground date in future years may be pre-approved for that fiscal year. Pre-approval will be subject to available funds. We will confirm submission deadlines for the next intakes in January.

Submit your funding application

  1. Read the detailed submission guidelines.
  2. Complete the submission form.
  3. Write a housing development proposal that includes the following sections. We will evaluate all submissions and prioritize submissions that contain all these items.
  • Information on your organization and key personnel.
  • Past project information and success.
  • Project information:
    • Number of units that are in these categories. Your project does not have to include all of these types of housing.
      • affordable rental units that are new to market
      • rent-geared-to-income housing (a partnership with Yukon Housing Corporation social housing clients)
      • new, entry level units
      • commercial space
      • market rate rental units
    • Target population for your housing development
    • Project location and land options
    • Project readiness including time line for construction and date of occupancy
    • Show that you expect to achieve a minimum 25% decrease in energy consumption over the most recent national building code.
    • 1 unit or 20% of units of your project must meet or exceed accessibility guidelines in Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation’s Accessible Housing by Design guidelines.
    • Property management
  • Project development and costs:
    • Financial and operational viability for the duration of the project. This is your business plan.
    • Costs.
    • Show the project’s capacity to maintain affordability for 20 years.

4. Submit your application to Yukon Housing Corporation.

  • In person: Yukon Housing Corporation office in your community. In Whitehorse at 410 Jarvis Street. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Email:
  • Mail:
    Government of Yukon
    Yukon Housing Corporation (Y-1)
    Box 2703
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Y1A 2C6

How will my housing development submission be evaluated?

We will evaluate your submission using our Housing Initiatives Fund Evaluation Matrix.


For questions about the Housing Initiatives Fund email or phone: 867-667-5759 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5759.