Propose a new off-road vehicle management area

Off-road vehicle management areas protect ecologically sensitive areas from damage from off-road vehicle activity.

An off-road vehicle management area can:

  • provide an approved trail plan of roads and trails that can continue to be used:
    • without restrictions on a year-round basis;
    • with seasonal restrictions; or
    • with restrictions for certain types of off-road vehicles;
  • allow off-road vehicle use on restricted trails with an approved permit; or
  • restrict off-road vehicle use entirely.

We create management areas through a public review process that includes:

  • consultation with First Nations; and
  • engagement with:
    • communities;
    • members of the public;
    • groups; and
    • organizations.


You can submit a proposal for a new off-road vehicle management area if you represent:

  • the Government of Canada;
  • the Government of Yukon;
  • a Yukon First Nations government;
  • a municipal government;
  • the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board;
  • a Renewable Resource Council; or
  • a Local Advisory Council.

If you do not represent any of the above organizations, you must have one of them complete and submit the application on your behalf.

Prepare your proposal

Your application must contain the following information. Include as many details as possible.

  • Your name and contact details.
  • A description of the proposed off-road vehicle management area.
  • A list of factors relating to off-road vehicle damage in the area, such as:
    • off-road vehicle type or class;
    • tire tread type;
    • soil type associated with an identified ecosystem;
    • water saturation;
    • frequency of use;
    • season or time of year;
    • topography; and
    • vegetation.
  • Evidence of off-road vehicle damage to the ecological balance or physical characteristics of the area, such as:
    • photographs clearly verifying the area and damage;
    • affidavits of witnesses; and
    • the location of the area of damage.
  • Identification of areas susceptible and not susceptible to damage.
  • Evidence of susceptibility to off-road vehicle damage, such as:
    • a protected habitat;
    • a sensitive ecosystem; or
    • the classification of ecosystem.
  • Identification of all existing off-road vehicle trails or areas of existing trail networks, including any that have evidence of off-road vehicle damage.
  • A 1:50,000 Yukon spatial file outlining:
    • off-road vehicle trails proposed to remain open to ORV use;
    • sensitive and non-sensitive areas; and
    • the proposed management area’s boundaries.
  • A trail plan, including existing trails proposed to remain open and any new trails proposed (if applicable).
  • Consideration of off-road vehicle management within municipal or community boundaries.
  • A description of how the proposed off-road vehicle management area aligns with existing land use plans.
  • Letters of support from stakeholders (e.g. Yukon First Nation governments, Renewable Resources Councils, etc.) would strongly support an application.

Submit your proposal

Submit your proposal to the Land Management Branch.
In person: we're located at 320-300 Main Street in Whitehorse. We're open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Government of Yukon
Land Management Branch (K-320)
Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

After you submit your proposal

After you submit your proposal, we’ll review its suitability.

We’ll then consult with affected First Nations and engage with the public on your proposal.

After we get input from First Nations and the public, we’ll decide whether your proposal should be:

  • approved;
  • approved with amendments; or
  • rejected.

If we approve it, we’ll create the off-road vehicle management area.

Creating a temporary restriction

We can temporarily restrict off-road vehicle use for up to 90 days in cases where immediate protection of sensitive areas is necessary.

We can create the temporary restrictions in areas:

  • not proposed to become an off-road vehicle management area; or
  • that are proposed to become an off-road vehicle management area.

Learn more about how to propose a 90-day off-road vehicle restriction.


The Land Management Branch can help you with any questions. Phone 867-667-3185 or email