Get a camping permit

Territorial parks and campgrounds are open

Yukon resident annual camping permits and daily pre-paid camping permits are now available for purchase. 

Camping is different during COVID-19. You need to be more self-contained. Learn how at camping during COVID-19.

Who can get a permit

Due to concerns over COVID-19, only Yukon residents and those non-residents who have entered the territory and meet all the requirements in the Ministerial Orders under the Civil Emergency Measures Act can get camping permits and use Government of Yukon campgrounds at this time.

See who can use territorial parks and campgrounds.

Do I need a permit?

Yes. Everyone who stays in a Government of Yukon road-accessible campground must have a permit for each accommodation unit (tent, RV, camper, trailer, automobile or other temporary moveable accommodation). If there is more than one unit at a campsite, a separate permit is needed for each unit. Your permit must cover each night’s stay.

Get a camping permit

At the campground

Self-register with $12 cash or cheque per night once you arrive at any of our 42 road-accessible campgrounds. Permit registration envelopes are available near the entrance of the campground.


Daily pre-paid camping permits cost $12 each. You can buy them at: 

You still have to register at the campground when you arrive.

Yukon resident annual permit (available online)

Annual permits cost $50. Display it on your windshield. You still have to register at the campground when you arrive.

You can get this permit:

Get an annual camping permit online

Non-residents cannot buy or use resident annual camping permits.

Register your campsite

You must always register your campsite when you arrive. This indicates the campsite is in use and allows Parks staff to see you have a permit. You can't reserve campsites ahead of your stay or hold campsites for other campers.

Make sure the spot is unoccupied by checking dates on the previous permit if it's still on the post.

For an on-site or Yukon resident annual permit:

  1. Fill out the self-registration envelope.
  2. Tear the permit from the envelope and clip it to your campsite number post.
  3. Place your payment in the envelope and seal it, or write in your resident annual camping permit number.
  4. Place the envelope into the deposit vault at the campground entrance.

For a pre-paid permit:

  1. Fill out the pre-paid permit.
  2. Tear the post tag from the permit and clip it to your campsite number post.
  3. Place the pre-paid permit stub directly into the deposit vault.

Special rates

Yukon seniors

Daily and resident annual camping permits are free for Yukon resident seniors aged 65+. You must show ID or documentation proving residency and age, if requested. You still have to register at the campground when you arrive.

Non-profit groups

Non-profit groups can request fee waivers. Contact Yukon Parks at least two weeks before your stay for a special camping permit. Bring this permit with you when you are at the campground.

Day use

You do not need to pay fees for day use of Government of Yukon campgrounds, but please register your visit.

Winter camping

Yukon residents can camp at Government of Yukon campgrounds for free from October 1 to May 31, but campgrounds aren't serviced and some gates may be closed.

Non-residents are required to register and pay the daily fee during this time.

Upcoming fee changes

To sustain service levels in our parks, we will gradually increase camping fees in 2022 and 2023.

  • A night of camping will increase from $12 to $20, or $18 if paid in advance through a new online system.
  • An annual Yukon resident camping permit will increase from $50 to $100 in 2022 and $200 in 2023.
  • The senior discount will decrease from 100% to 50% for all daily and annual Yukon resident camping permits.

Park entry, day use, parking, boat launch use, and interpretive programs where offered will continue to be free. Park fees will continue to include use of firewood.

These changes are part of the Yukon Parks Strategy. 

Read the Yukon Parks Strategy.  

Read the highlights sheet.

Backcountry campgrounds

Registration is not required for the Fort Selkirk and The Thirty Mile backcountry campgrounds. A special permit is required for Tombstone backcountry sites. 

Find a backcountry campground.

Learn how to reserve a backcountry campground at Tombstone Territorial Park.


For questions about getting a campground permit, email or phone: 867-667-5648 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5648.