Nominate someone for the Yukon Agriculture Award

The Yukon Agriculture Award acknowledged agri-food producers and people who have done a lot for the Yukon’s agriculture.

Award retired

We’ve handed out the Yukon Agriculture Award from 1999 to 2022. As of 2023, we’ve retired this award.

We’re working with the Yukon Agriculture Association on a new way to recognize farmers and food producers.

We’ll announce details on the new award in the fall of 2023.

Yukon Agriculture Award

2022 – Lastraw Ranch’s Megan Waterman and Klondike Valley Nursery’s John Lenart and Kim Melton

2021 – Lorne Metropolit, Yukon Gardens (awarded in February 2022)

Farmer of the Year Award

2020 – Mario Ley and Dionne Laybourne, Can Do Farm

2019 – Sarah Ouellette, Sarah’s Harvest

2018 – Jackie and Scott Dickson, Takhini River Ranch

2017 – Mike and Syliva Blumenschein

2016 – Brynn and Marie Johnson, Naturally Northern Meats

2015 – Kate Mechan and Bart Bounds, Elemental Farm

2014 – Rolland and Mary Girouard, Rivendell Farm

2013 – Wayne and Allison Grove, El Doraldo Game Ranch

2012 – Steve and Bonnie Mackenzie-Grieve, Yukon Grain Farm

2011 – Lucy and Jack Vogt, Vogt Enterprises

2010 – Alice Boland, Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation Greenhouse

2009 – Grant Dowdell and Karen Digby, The Dowdell & Digby Farm

2008 – Ralph and Norma Mease, Minto Bridge Farms

2007 – Brian Lendrum and Susan Ross, LendrumRoss Farm

2006 – Tom and Simone Rudge, Aurora Mountain Farm

2005 – Mike and Sylvia Blumenschein

2004 – Steve and Bonnie Mackenzie-Grieve, Yukon Grain Farm

2003 – Barb and Bill Drury, Circle D Ranch

2002 – Garret Gillespie and Heidi Marion, Wild Blue Yonder

2001 – Dave and Tracy Andrew,  Rafter ‘A’ Ranch

2000 – Rod and Enid Tait, R. M. Tait Farming

Farmer of the Century Award

1999 – Bradley Family, Pelly River Ranch


Contact the Yukon Agriculture Association to discuss how to nominate a Yukon farmer or food producer. Phone 867-335-0374 or mail [email protected]