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Alaska Highway safety improvements through Whitehorse

Learn about safety upgrades along the Alaska Highway through Whitehorse.

What's happening

The Government of Yukon is committed to making investments that improve the lives of Yukoners.

Over the past several years, Yukoners have raised a number of safety concerns about the Alaska Highway through Whitehorse. That's why we've prioritized several areas along the Alaska Highway for safety improvements. So far, we’ve completed the following projects:

  • Intersection improvements at the Carcross cut off.
  • Improvements to the new Range Road intersection, including:
    • traffic lights; and
    • a paved multi-user trail.
  • New turning lanes along the North Klondike intersection and a safer access to the Cousins rest stop.
  • Improvements between Hillcrest Drive and Burns Road including the addition of:
    • streetlights;
    • two pedestrian-controlled traffic signal crossings and;
    • a paved multi-user trail into downtown.


Bike Crossing Hillcrest

Hillcrest and Burns Road

Construction of this area is now complete and includes:

  • a new, paved multi-user trail;
  • safer access when entering or leaving the highway;
  • pedestrian-enabled traffic signals at Burns Road and Hillcrest Drive and;
  • additional lanes to allow for safe turning and travel.


Alaska Highway Upgrades - Hillcrest

Robert Service Way

In summer 2022, we plan to continue safety improvements between Lodestar Lane to the Whitehorse Weigh Scales, just north of the Robert Service Way intersection.  Improvements for this first phase of the project will include:

  • completion of a multi-purpose trail;
  • a safer access in and out of the Whitehorse Weigh Scales;
  • enhanced roadside lighting; and
  • additional lanes for safe turning and travel.

In summer 2023, we plan to continue safety improvements through the Robert Service Way intersection to Philmar RV. This phase of the project will include:

  • an improved and safer intersection at Robert Service Way;
  • frontage roads to connect businesses and provide a safe school bus transfer station;
  • completion of a multi-purpose trail; and
  • additional lanes for safe turning and travel.

View the proposed plans.

As part of this project we are considering the safety benefits of a roundabout because:

  • roundabouts require drivers to slow down;
  • they are safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross; and
  • they limit the points of vehicle conflict, reducing high impact collisions.

The design for this portion of the project is still being evaluated. More information will be announced once it has been finalized.


Porter Creek and Crestview

We’re also planning safety improvements through Porter Creek and Crestview. We’ll carry out construction over 2 years and will announce project timelines once they're confirmed.

Design for this area will ensure:

  • safer access on and off the highway;
  • safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • additional lanes to allow for safe turning and travel; and
  • a new multi-user trail that will connect to existing trails.

View the conceptual drawings for this project.

Planned intersection changes

  • Re-align Centennial Street and Lodgepole Lane so both roads can be accessed at 1 intersection.
  • Re-align 15th Avenue and Birch Street so vehicles can enter the highway on a safe angle.
  • Direct Laberge Road to a frontage road, which will allow drivers to access the highway at intersections at MacDonald Road and Wann Road.



Construction workers paving the Alaska Highway


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