Apply for Quebec-Yukon project funding

The governments of Quebec and Yukon invest a total of $100,000 annually in the Intergovernmental Cooperation Program. This program supports projects that promote the vitality of the Yukon Francophone community.

This program stems from the Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange between the Government of Yukon and the Government of Quebec with Respect to the Francophonie.


You can submit a proposal if you live in Yukon and you represent:

  • a non-profit organization;
  • an education, health or social services organization;
  • a business; or
  • a municipality.

Your proposal is eligible if it:

  • involves the participation of at least one partner in Quebec;
  • promotes the French language and the vitality of the Francophone community in Yukon; and
  • is aligned with the priorities of the Francophone community.

This program is meant to help you:

  • plan an exploratory trip to find a partner in Quebec;
  • work on a collaborative venture with a Quebec partner or benefit from an exchange of expertise;
  • share resources and responsibilities with a Quebec partner to complete a community project; or
  • implement a pan-Canadian initiative that contributes to the vitality of Yukon’s Francophone community.

About your project

For more information to help you plan your project:

How is your application rated?

Objectives of the program

  • Strengthen ties between Quebec and Yukon’s French-speaking population
  • Support the vitality of Yukon’s French-speaking population across the territory
  • Promote Canada’s Francophonie nationally

Types of partnerships

  • The most points will be awarded to projects clearly showing equal contributions by the applicant and the Quebec partner.
  • Fewer points will be awarded if the applicant and the Quebec partner have a contractual relationship.

French-speaking community priorities

Project spinoffs

  • Spinoffs for Yukon’s French-speaking community
  • Spinoffs for Quebec
  • Extent of anticipated visibility of project

Quality of application

  • Clarity of project and objectives
  • Realistic nature and feasibility of activity calendar


  • Realistic revenue and expenditure projections
  • Size of applicant’s monetary/in-kind contribution
  • Size of Quebec partner’s monetary/in-kind contribution
  • Variety of funding sources outside the Government of Quebec and Government of Yukon
  • Note: the program no longer covers artist fees.


We will assess projects on a rolling basis.


Before completing your application, you can email us at [email protected] or phone 867-667-8260 to talk about your project. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  1. If this is your first time applying, create your profile in the Partner Bank (in French).
  2. Complete the online application form on the Government of Quebec website (in French).

These online forms are available in French only on the Government of Quebec's website. To obtain the form in English, email [email protected] or phone 867-667-8260.


For more information about the Quebec-Yukon Intergovernmental Cooperation Program, email [email protected] or phone 867-667-8260.