Apply for and report on funding for Yukon special recreation groups

  1. About the grant
  2. Who can apply?
  3. Funding availability and eligible expenses
  4. How we assess funding applications
  5. How to apply
  6. How to report

  1. About the grant

    The Foundations grant is available annually for special recreation groups in the Yukon. The grant was formerly known as the Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC) grant.

    It's provided by Lotteries Yukon and the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Government of Yukon. The Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC) decides who gets funding.

    Funding structure

    The structure of the funding:

    • allows special recreation groups in the Yukon flexibility in their use of funds;
    • helps groups maintain accountability; and
    • allows for evaluation in meeting their goals and objectives.

    This grant is governed by the Recreation Act and Regulations.

  2. Who can apply?

    Organizations must be pre-approved to apply. Contact us to get pre-approved.


    To be eligible to receive funding, a special recreation group must:

    • be the single governing authority for the group’s activity in the Yukon;
    • have a membership that elects its volunteer leaders at an annual general meeting;
    • be incorporated under the Yukon Societies Act, have a constitution, bylaws and be in good standing;
    • prepare an annual financial statement and budget; and
    • generate significant funds through membership fees or fundraising activities.

    The Sport and Recreation Branch has the authority to recognize organizations which:

    • meet all criteria;
    • have a history of significant and strong territorial membership; and
    • have viable sister organizations in at least 1 other territory or province.

  3. Funding availability and eligible expenses

    Funding availability

    Available funding amounts remain the same until March 2024.

    While funding amounts may vary year-to-year for each group, significant increases are unlikely. Keep this in mind when developing your funding application.

    Eligible expenses

    Participant development

    To support the development and growth of the group’s members and participants, including:

    • recruitment and access;
    • skill and knowledge development;
    • evaluation; and
    • retention.

    Leadership development

    To support the development and growth of program leaders, board members, volunteers and administrators. Examples include:

    • recruitment and access;
    • education and training;
    • support programs;
    • evaluation; and
    • retention.

    Administration or organizational development

    To support the effective and efficient operation and development of the organization, including:

    • structure and planning;
    • policy development;
    • human resources;
    • financial management;
    • membership services;
    • general service; and
    • general administration.

    Any grant received under this section must complement or supplement, but not replace volunteer activity.

    The group must apply the grant towards the development and implementation of improved:

    • performance and skill development of participants;
    • quality of administration and organizational development;
    • quality of leadership; and
    • access for participants and leaders throughout the Yukon.

    Special project or community development

    To support working in partnership with affiliates or a community or First Nation in the Yukon.

    These projects include those that promote and enhance development of the groups activities at the community or regional levels within the Yukon. These include:

    • development of new or model projects or programs designed to increase participation and access;
    • development of new or model projects or programs designed to meet the needs of:
      • women;
      • girls;
      • Aboriginal people in the Yukon; or
      • disabled persons
    • special resource or promotional material;
    • hosting of regional, national, or international events in the Yukon; and
    • other projects or programs on a case-by-case basis.

    Facility operations and maintenance

    To offset costs of the operation and maintenance of facilities the organization is responsible for.

  4. How we assess funding applications

    We assess funding applications based on the:

    • number of programs and activities that reach communities in the Yukon;
    • number of individual members and participants in the programs and activities;
    • number of volunteers and of trained leaders; and
    • scope and delivery of programs and initiatives in the following areas:
      • equity and accessibility;
      • code of conduct for leaders, participants, and volunteers;
      • under-represented groups, with particular attention to women and girls and Indigenous Peoples in the Yukon, including responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, and
      • implementation of goals 1 and 2 of the Framework for Recreation in Canada. See chart below for details.

    Government of Yukon priorities from the framework for recreation in Canada

    Goal 1 Active Living: Foster active living through physical 
    1.1  Enable participation in physically active recreational experiences throughout the life course, continuing to focus on children and youth but expanding to meet the needs and foster the participation of the growing number of older people in Canada.
    1.2 Incorporate physical literacy in active recreation programs for people of all ages and abilities.
    1.3 Support the child’s right to play, and to participate freely and fully in “age-appropriate recreational experiences, cultural life, and artistic and leisure activities”, as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Enhance opportunities for children and youth to play outdoors and interact in nature in school, community and neighbourhood settings. Engage parents and provide safe, welcoming, low- or no-cost opportunities for families and multiple generations to experience the joy of spontaneous active play together.
    1.4 Inform recreation leaders about the importance of reducing sedentary behaviours, and enable them to explore and implement strategies and interventions that address this important public health issue.
    Goal 2 inclusion and access: increase inclusion and access to recreation for populations that face constraints to participation
    2.1 Develop and implement strategies and policies, which ensure that no families or individuals in Canada are denied access to public recreation opportunities as a result of economic disadvantage.
    2.2 Enable people of all ages to participate in recreation. Address constraints to participation faced by children and youth from disadvantaged families and older adults who are frail and/or isolated.
    2.3 Build trust and participation through the provision of recreational opportunities and experiences that are respectful and appropriate for various ethnocultural groups. Actively engage persons of diverse and racialized backgrounds in developing, leading and evaluating recreation and park activities.
    2.4 Recognize and enable the experience of Aboriginal people in recreation with a holistic approach drawn from traditional values and culture.
    2.5 Enable and encourage women and girls of all backgrounds and circumstances to achieve their potential and participate fully in all types of recreation. Address the historical, cultural and social barriers to participation experienced by girls and women, and apply a gender equity lens when developing and monitoring policies, programs and practices.
    2.6 Provide a welcoming and safe environment for people with all sexual orientations and sexual identities.
    2.7 Provide leadership, support, encouragement, information, policies and programs that facilitate full participation in recreation by people of all abilities across all settings. Work with persons with disabilities and special needs to create inclusive opportunities and build leadership capacity. Ensure that recreation environments are accessible, and remove physical and emotional barriers to participation.

    Address the unique challenges and capacities in rural and remote communities. Seek community leadership in decision-making regarding the provision of and access to appropriate spaces and places, opportunities, and experiences in recreation.



  5. How to apply

    Preparing your application

    You will need:

    • contact and demographic information for your board members and staff;
    • participation or membership numbers and demographics;
    • Annual general meeting minutes, president’s report and staff reports from you most recent AGM;
    • your previous year’s financial statements including a balance sheet, income statement and year-to-date financials; and
    • a list of all anticipated expense items for which you're requesting.

    Application deadline

    The application deadline is every April 15.

    Submitting your application

    Applications are accepted only through the online application form. 

    Submit your application

    Supporting government priorities

    Your planned activities should support government priorities. Be prepared to answer the following questions: 

    • How is your organization working towards truth and reconciliation?
    • How is your organization working towards gender equity?
    • How is your organization delivering specific programs that are open to all genders?
    • How is your organization reducing barriers to participation for families with low incomes?
    • How does your organization support the participation of rural Yukoners?

    Need help?

    If you're unable to use the online application, or would like support, contact us:

    Phone: 867-667-5254
    Toll-free: 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254
    Email: [email protected]

  6. How to report

    Preparing your report

    To prepare your report, you'll need:

    • a complete list of revenues and expenditures related to this grant’s activities for the past year;
    • participation numbers and demographics; and
    • a list of all projects and activities related to this grant completed over the past year.

    Application deadline

    The reporting deadline is every April 15.

    Submitting your report

    Reports are accepted only through the online reporting form. 

    Submit your report

    You have to submit a report to receive funding in the future.

    Need help?

    If you are unable to use the online reporting, or would like support, contact us at:

    Phone: 867-667-5254
    Toll-free: 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254
    Email: [email protected]


If you have questions about the Foundations grant (formerly known as YRAC) for special recreation groups in the Yukon, email [email protected], or phone 867-667-5254, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5254.