Find out what policies and processes influence government contracts

The Government of Yukon is committed to procurement that:

  • focuses on efficiency, economy and effectiveness to obtain maximum benefits with the resources available for public procurement;
  • builds a stronger economic future for Yukoners;
  • increases the ability of local businesses and First Nations to secure government contracts through changes in how government procures goods and services;
  • creates a framework to ensure accountability for sound decision making that is embedded in clear roles and responsibilities across government;
  • enables greater consistency across government;
  • enables us to be more transparent about monitoring procurement activities and vendor performance;
  • minimizes risks to the government from inappropriate procurement practices and decisions;
  • is efficient, cost effective, timely and consistent with trade agreement requirements when acquiring goods, services and construction; and
  • takes into account fiscal responsibility and accountability and ensures decisions are appropriately justified and documented.

Acts and regulations

Procurement and contracting rules are based in:

Procurement policy

Significant revisions have been made to modernize the Government of Yukon's procurement policy. The current procurement policy took effect April 1, 2019. Changes include:

  • increased public tendering thresholds;
  • adjusted timelines for tender forecasts;
  • a new definition of a Yukon business; and
  • new exceptions that respond to trade agreements.

Read the Procurement Policy.

Trade agreements

Trade agreements aim to reduce barriers to trade to increase:

  • competitiveness;
  • economic growth; and
  • stability.

The Government of Yukon is subject to procurement obligations under the:

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement requires that contracts be publicly advertised and procured over certain thresholds (next update January 1, 2022):

  • if valued over $30,300 for goods; or
  • if valued over $121,200 for services and construction.

Find out more about current Canadian Free Trade Agreement thresholds.

Trade agreements exceptions

Each year, under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, Yukon can use exceptions to:

  • promote regional economic development; but
  • these can't support monopolistic activities.

Find out how the Government of Yukon is using its exceptions.


If you have further questions about procurement, email or phone: 867-667-5385, toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5385.