Learn about special requirements for older drivers

Driver medical report requirements for older drivers

You must provide us with a driver medical report at the following ages:

  • 70 years old;
  • 75 years old;
  • 80 years old; and
  • then every 2 years after that.

You might have to get a driver medical report more often if you have a medical condition we are monitoring.

You can get a medical report from your doctor.

Effects of aging on older drivers

As you get older your vision, reflexes, hearing, reaction time, motor skills and cognitive abilities may decrease. These changes may affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Be aware of your limitations and adjust your driving habits to address any concerns.

Driving safely as you age

  • Do not take medications which could affect your driving ability.
  • Do not drive if you're tired, and avoid longer continuous driving.
  • Stop driving at night, if you're having trouble with your vision.
  • Limit your driving to only familiar places and avoid busy times and areas.
  • Decide to stop driving when your memory and confidence behind the wheel begin to decline.