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The Yukon Geological Survey's integrated data system provides access to:

  • Minfile mineral occurrences;
  • Yukon assessment reports;
  • property-file collections (scanned documents donated to the Government of Yukon); and
  • Yukon Geological Survey publications and data:
    • Yukon Exploration and Geology annual report;
    • placer industry reports;
    • brochures and bulletins;
    • terrane datasets;
    • spatial data (available for download in both GIS and graphic formats);
    • surficial geology of Yukon (points, lines and polygons);
    • surficial stratigraphic sections;
    • till geochemistry;
    • sample data;
    • geoscience maps; and
    • open files.

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Open files

Colpron, M., 2019. Potential radiogenic heat production from granitoid plutons in Yukon; YGS Open File 2019-16.

Geoscience maps

Bordet, E., 2019. Bedrock geology map of the eastern Lake Laberge area (parts of NTS 105E/2,3,6,7 and 105D/15,16). Yukon Geological Survey, Geoscience Map GM2019-1, scale 1:50000, 2 sheets.