Book the Yukon Geological Survey’s core library

The H.S. Bostock Core Library is a repository for:

  • drill core; and
  • rock samples.

These come from:

  • Yukon mineral properties; and
  • Yukon Geological Survey mapping programs.

View or cut core

You can book saws for short periods of time. They are not intended for production cutting for drill programs, because of the noise impacts on our staff.

  • You must make an appointment at least 3 days in advance. Drop-ins are not allowed. Email to make an appointment.
  • You must bring your own personal protective equipment. To use the saw room, this includes:
    • hearing protection;
    • eye protection; and
    • a NIOSH-certified respirator.
  • A maximum of 2 people are allowed in the saw room.

Core collection

Our core collection contains more than 27,000 boxes of drill core from approximately 275 properties. We are located at 918 Alaska Highway, just north of the Two Mile Hill intersection.

  • Find out what core is available. View the publicly available drill core and related data in our web mapping application.
  • You will need to complete a training session and sign a liability waiver before using our facilities.

Equipment available for client use

Physical rock property lab

  • Magnetic susceptibility: KT-10 v2.
  • Electrical resistivity: sample core IP tester.
  • Specific gravity: density calculator.
  • Exploranium gamma spectrometer: GR-130 mini spec.

Diamond blade rock saws

  • 2 water-cooled lapidary saws (14-inch blade): suitable for cutting drill core and hand samples.
  • Oil-cooled lapidary saw (14-inch blade): suitable for cutting small hand samples.
  • Oil-cooled lapidary saw (36-inch blade): suitable for cutting large hand samples. This saw is currently unavailable for use.


  • Binocular microscope: suitable for small hand samples.
  • Research petrographic microscope: transmitted and reflected light capabilities; digital photography capabilities.


  • Vibrating grinding and polishing tray.
  • Test sieve shaker.
  • UV lamps.
  • Manual core splitter.