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We provide objective geological information to:

  • Government of Yukon;
  • Yukon First Nations; and
  • the public.

Our information adds to Yukon’s geoscience knowledge base. The information supports geoscience-related policy and investment decisions in the territory.

  1. Yukon Geological Survey news

    Visiting the core library

    • You must make an appointment at least 3 days in advance. Drops-ins are not allowed. Phone 867-667-8508 or email
    • Only 1 party of up to 2 people can use the facilities at a time.
    • Access to the core library is through the rear of the building. We will open the gate for you.
    • You must sanitize equipment and surfaces before and after working in the area. We will provide disinfectant.
    • You must wear a mask at all times when visiting the core library.
    • You must bring your own personal protective equipment. To use the saw room, this includes:
      • hearing protection;
      • eye protection; and
      • a NIOSH-certified respirator.

    Visiting Yukon Geological Survey at the Elijah Smith Building

    Due to health advisories about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yukon Geological Survey’s offices in downtown Whitehorse have restricted access. Contact our staff by email or phone to make an appointment prior to visiting.

    YGS activity sheets

    We have created activity sheets for a wide range of ages and will continue to update them as we make them: 

    • The Rock Cycle: handout and interactive quiz!
      • Make sure you read The Rock Cycle handout first – all the answers are in there!
      • The Kahoot quiz can only be played with the Kahoot App on your iOS or Android device. You can download the Kahoot App for free.
      • Go to “Enter PIN” and enter 02602640.
      • If you are unable to download the app, the quiz is available here as well.
    • help our geologist avoid a bear encounter with this maze.
    • find these Rock Cycle-related words in this word search.
    • help our geologist traverse back to camp with this maze.
    • find these geology-related words in this word search.
    • read the descriptions of these geology-related words and fill in the blank.

    ​Download the answer key.

  2. Recent publications

    Yukon Placer Mining Industry 2018 to 2020. S. van Loon and J.D. Bond

    Yukon Exploration and Geology (YEG) 2020

    Overview 2020

    Technical papers

    Open files

    Miscellaneous reports

    Data sets

    Lithogeochemistry data set: the lithogeochemical data provide the chemical composition of rock samples. Released August, 2020.