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The Workers' Advocate Office provides free, independent services to injured workers and their dependents.

  1. What can the Workers' Advocate Office do for you

    We're experienced in providing advocacy services, and are specialists in interpreting the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act and policies. We're completely independent from the Yukon Workers' Safety and Compensation Board Safety Board (YWSCB) and report to the Department of Justice. 

    Read our brochure for more information.

    What are the costs?

    Our services are free.

    Our services


    We provide advice to injured workers and their dependents about their Yukon Workers' Safety and Compensation Board claim.


    We'll work with you to prepare and present an appeal on your behalf, if:

    • your claim meets the criteria for reconsideration or appeal to the tribunal; and
    • you wish to appeal a board decision about your claim. 

    Appeal process information

    We provide information on the steps involved in the board reconsideration or tribunal appeal process.

    Appeal representation

    Representation by the Workers’ Advocate Office is available at various levels of the appeal process.

    We can assist with representation before:

    • a reconsideration officer; or
    • the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

    We'll try to resolve your issue with the Yukon Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board in an informal way before filing a reconsideration or appeal.

    About the workers' advocate

    The workers' advocate is appointed by the Minister of Justice to advocate on behalf of injured workers.

    The workers' advocate is a member of the public service. They are appointed to fulfil the duties outlined in section 152 of the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act.

    The main duty of the workers' advocate is to advise workers and the dependents of deceased workers on:

    • entitlement under the legislation and policy;
    • the interpretation of board decisions; and
    • determining whether a reconsideration or appeal is supported by evidence and if so represent workers at reconsideration or appeal.

    They can also provide information on workers' rights and responsibilities.

    How the advocates can help you

    • Provide general information about the workers' compensation process, including:
      • explaining the legislation and policies of the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board;
      • identifying important timelines for the appeal process;
      • directing workers' to other relevant organizations, such as unions or employment standards.
    • Advise injured workers on what actions they can take. 
    • Help to gather the necessary information.
    • Determine if there's a problem with a claim that can be resolved through a reconsideration or appeal.
    • Prepare and present reconsiderations and appeals.

  2. What will the process with your claim be

    In order to provide advice, we must first review the details of your case. 

    Before you make an appointment

    1. Complete the following 2 forms:
    2. Review the Workers' Advocate Office Service Commitment and Standards.
    3. Fax or scan and email your forms to the contact information provided below.

    Make an appointment

    To make an appointment, please call 867-667-5324 or toll-free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5324. 

    What happens next

    1. Once the forms are complete, we will request a copy of your file(s).
    2. After a thorough review of your claim file information, we will contact you to discuss your case. This might take up to 15 business days depending on the length and complexity of the file(s).
    3. We will provide advice to you on the next steps to take regarding your claim.


For more information about the Workers' Advocate Office:

Email: workers.advocate@yukon.ca
Phone: 867-667-5324
Phone toll free in the Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5324
Fax: 867-393-6346

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