Find a business's health inspection report

We do health and safety inspections in all Yukon communities.  We inspect and monitor:

  • food premises; and
  • personal services establishments.

What businesses do we inspect?

Food premises

Food premises include restaurants, bars, cafeterias, butcher shops, grocery stores, etc.

Personal service establishments

Personal service establishments include tattoo parlours, massage therapy clinics, hair salons, barber shops, aesthetic studios, etc.

How to get an inspection

  1. You apply for permission to operate.
  2. We add your business to the regular rotation of inspections.
  3. Our staff will inspect your business [with/without] notice.

Get a health inspection of a new food or personal services establishment.

Inspection reports

We release inspection reports publicly as a service to Yukoners. This is in line with other Canadian jurisdictions and meets with the government’s commitment to transparency. We never display private information on this web site.

The online report for food establishments and personal service establishments show:

  • the name and address of the establishment;
  • the type of inspection (routine, follow-up, complaint); and
  • identifies the infractions (non-compliances) found during the inspection.

We provide the owner or operator with “hand-typed” comments to help them correct the infraction. We do not include these comments in the public report.

How to read inspection reports

Consider the nature of the non-compliances and if these are found often.

The reports reflect the conditions found at the time of the inspection. Don't interpret the status of a particular facility based on a single inspection. Most establishments make the identified changes as soon as possible.

Closure orders

We issue closure orders when:

  • we identify an immediate risk to public health; or
  • there are ongoing compliance issues.

Check the Establishment Closures listing for current facility closures.

Make a complaint

Contact us if you have questions or want to make a complaint about a food premises or a personal service establishment. Email or phone 867-667-8391, toll-free 1-800-661-0408 extension 8391.