Get information about Yukon groundwater and wells

Detailed groundwater mapping or aquifer classification is generally not available in the Yukon. In most areas, a sparse population makes it challenging to compile adequate information. Alternate sources of information include long-term monitoring wells and well construction records.

Long-term groundwater monitoring wells

We monitor a network of 39 wells across the Yukon to record long-term groundwater level and quality data.

The Yukon water data catalogue includes metadata information on these long-term monitoring locations and sampling periods.

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A summary report of the network was developed in 2017.

Request information about raw water level and water quality data

Email to request raw water level and water quality data from the network.

Well logs

A well log is the Yukon government Water Well Drillers form a driller completes during well construction. It provides information on:

  • well location;
  • well design details including well depth, casing diameter, etc; and
  • subsurface geology encountered during drilling.

Well logs can help you understand more about groundwater conditions

Information from these well logs can help drillers and homeowners.

You can get a general understanding of aquifer characteristics like depth to water, recharge rates and geologic conditions. Having this information can make drilling more successful and give homeowners a more accurate cost estimate.

Well logs can also be useful when you undertake modifications to an existing well or when you are interpreting monitoring data from an existing well.

The Yukon water well registry map lets you see the location of water wells in the Yukon, and link to well logs.

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Request information on well logs

It is voluntary to share well logs, so not all water wells have records available.

You can get information on requesting access to available well logs by emailing or calling 867-667-3171, or toll free in the Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 3171.