Become an energy advisor

There’s currently a demand for energy assessments in the Yukon. We welcome new energy advisors to help meet this demand.

 What is an energy advisor?

An energy advisor is someone who does energy assessments of new and existing homes and multi-unit residential buildings.

An energy assessment involves:

  • completing a home or building evaluation;
  • performing a blower door test;
  • entering data using a specific software to complete modelling; and
  • generating reports.

How to become an energy advisor in the Yukon

Follow the steps below to become an energy advisor in the Yukon.

Discuss with the Energy Branch

Contact the Energy Branch to discuss the knowledge and experience you need to become an energy advisor. They will explain the steps and provide study materials for the qualification exams.

Email or phone 867-393-7063

Complete qualification exams

You must complete 2 exams to qualify as an energy advisor.

  1. The Foundation level exam. This exam tests your understanding of:
    • building science principles;
    • residential construction practices;
    • residential renovation practices; and
    • numeracy skills.

      You can find the resources for the Foundation level exam on the Natural Resources Canada website.

      You must take this exam before taking the Energy Advisor exam.
  2. The Energy Advisor exam. This exam tests your understanding of the:
    • EnerGuide rating system;
    • HOT2000 modelling software; and
    • EnerGuide quality assurance protocols.

You must take this exam every 3 years.

Complete a set of probationary energy assessments

You must complete a set of probationary energy assessments with the support of a qualified energy advisor.

Register as a Yukon business

An energy advisor is an independent contractor. You must register as a business.

  1. Register with the Corporate Registry of Yukon or as a sole proprietorship.
  2. Apply for a business license in your community.
  3. Purchase commercial liability insurance.
  4. Purchase coverage from the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Complete a criminal record check

You can complete a criminal record check at your local RCMP office.

Register as an affiliate to the Yukon service organization

An energy advisor must be affiliated with a service organization. In the Yukon, this is the Government of Yukon’s Energy Branch.

As the service organization, the Energy Branch will give you training support to become an energy advisor.

Once you’re qualified as an energy advisor, the Energy Branch will help you with:

  • energy assessment file submissions;
  • quality assurance reviews; and
  • additional mentorship training and support.


Once you are registered with the affiliate, you must sign the licensing agreement with Natural Resources Canada.


If you have questions about energy advisors, contact the Energy Branch. Email or phone 867-393-7063, toll-free in the Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 and ask to be transferred.