Get an energy assessment

You can get a residential energy assessment to:

  • determine how energy efficient your house is;
  • get a recommendation on what you can do to save energy; and
  • become eligible for rebates from us and other organizations.

Do you need an energy assessment?

You must complete a residential energy assessment to qualify for a new home or insulation renovation rebate. This must be completed before building or renovating.

The same energy assessment is required for the Natural Resources Canada Greener Homes Grant. However, you will need to register separately with the Government of Canada.

You do not need an energy assessment for any other Good Energy rebates.

How much does an energy assessment cost?

We have partnered with local energy advisors to offer these assessments at a reduced cost.

For new homes:

  • $50 for assessments construction plans
  • Around $200 for the final energy assessment, blower door test and energy label

For existing homes:

  • $50 for a pre-renovation assessment and $50 for a return visit required for our insulation and air sealing rebate
  • You’ll pay $50 for each assessment required after you complete insulation and air sealing upgrades.

There may be additional costs for non-standard assessments.

Request an in-person residential energy assessment

Currently, there’s high demand for energy assessments. It could take several weeks to get an appointment.

Request online

To request an energy assessment online, you’ll need to:

  • create an account; and
  • add details about your home.

Submit your request

Other ways to submit a request

Contact the Energy Branch to request an energy assessment.
In person: Climate Change and Energy Solutions Centre, 2nd floor, 4114 4th Avenue, RBC Building, Whitehorse. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Phone: 867-393-7063

An independent Natural Resources Canada-registered energy advisor will contact you to choose a time to have the assessment completed.

New construction energy assessments

Getting an energy assessment of your new construction's plans is the 1st step in qualifying for the ZeroPath rebate for new homes. The energy advisor will:

Examples of ways to meet the target:

  • increase levels of insulation;
  • optimize window type and placement; and
  • recover heat from drain water.

Once the home construction is complete, you must schedule a return visit with an energy advisor. The advisor will:

  • complete a final blower door test;
  • confirm that the home was built as modelled; and
  • issue an EnerGuide label for your home.

Under the Green Building Standard, all new homes built in City of Whitehorse boundaries must:

  • complete an energy assessment; and
  • get an EnerGuide label.

Renovation energy assessments

Getting an energy assessment done before you start your renovations is the 1st step in qualifying for the insulation and air sealing rebates.

The energy advisor will:

  • perform a blower door test to determine air leakage in the home;
  • walk through the home with you to identify air leakage areas;
  • discuss your renovation plans;
  • explain the types of renovations that will qualify for the insulation rebate;
  • create an energy model of your home; and
  • give you a renovation upgrade report:
    • based on modelled energy savings;
    • with their findings; and
    • renovation priorities.

You must schedule a return visit with the advisor. They will:

  • confirm the renovations were completed;
  • do a 2nd energy assessment; and
  • provide you with an insulation and air sealing upgrade report.

You submit the report as part of the insulation and air sealing rebates package.

If you’re implementing your insulation and air sealing upgrades in steps, you must get an energy assessment after each completed step. You’ll pay $50 for each assessment required after you complete insulation and air sealing upgrades.