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Can the Registrar of Notaries provide notarial services?

No. The Registrar of Notaries does not:

  • provide notarial services; or
  • publish contact information for individual notaries.

Who can provide notarial services for court matters?

How to authenticate a notary's signature

The Office of the Registrar cannot:

  • provide certificates of authentication.

The Office of the Registrar can provide a signed and sealed letter of verification. This letter indicates the notary's term of office. The requester:

  • must make the request for a letter of verification; and
  • will be the only recipient of the letter.

How to get a lawyer's signature authenticated

You may need to authenticate a lawyer's signature for documents bound for:

  • a foreign country;
  • a consulate; or
  • an embassy.

The Law Society of Yukon can provide a certificate of authentication for members acting as notaries. The society may charge a fee for this service. Contact the society.
In person: 304-104 Elliott Street in Whitehorse.
Phone: 867-668-4231
Fax: 867-667-7556

What documents should I bring to the notary public?

  • Copies of your documents
  • A piece of government-issued photo identification

How to find a commissioner for oaths

A notary public is a commissioner for taking oaths in the Yukon.


If you have questions, email the Registrar of Notaries by email, or phone 867-456-3821.