School bus registration and other student transportation options

Whitehorse and rural school bus registration

Parents and guardians in Whitehorse who require school bus services must register their child for the bus.

Rural parents and guardians should contact their school directly for busing options.

Registration for the 2023-24 school year opened May 1, 2023. 

How to register for the school bus

  1. Complete the Annual School Bus Registration form  
  2. Submit your form to the Student Transportation branch:
  3. Submit 1 registration form for all children living at the same home address.


Submit your registration by June 15, 2023.

This deadline helps us:

  • make sure bus routes are ready and posted online before the start of the new school year;
  • set bus routes that meet the needs of students and families; and
  • reduce the amount of adjustments to bus routes once the school year gets started.

When school bus routes are posted 

Updated school bus schedules will also be posted during the first week of August 2023.

Parents or guardians who registered by June 15 will receive an email confirmation by August 9th, 2023 of their children’s school bus:

  • routes, and 
  • numbers. 

Please use the closest school bus stop to your home addresses from the current routes.

If you have registered late you'll receive an email confirmation by Friday, September 8. 

If you do not receive an email confirmation by September 8  email We are currently receiving a high volume of emails and calls and are working to respond as soon as possible.

Adjustments to school bus routes and schedules

School bus routes and schedules are:

  • reviewed, and
  • adjusted as needed based on the home addresses from bus registrations for the new school year.

Adjusting school bus schedules each year ensures:

  • there are enough buses for all students, and
  • school bus routes meet the needs of students and families.

Minor adjustments may also be made at the start of the school year as buses start running. This is to make sure they are best meeting the needs of students and families who use the bus.

Special requests (riding to an alternative bus stop)

When you register, your child is registered to take the school bus from your home to the school and back. 

Requests to ride the school bus to a location other than a home address may be emailed to the student transportation officer: You will receive an email with information after September 8 once late bus registrations have been processed. We are currently receiving a high volume of emails and calls and are working to respond as soon as possible.

These requests are considered at the start of the new school year based on:

  • available space on the bus, and
  • existing bus routes.

Student transportation health and safety guidelines 

To ensure the health and safety of students during the COVID-19 pandemic, school bus services follow the health and safety recommendations of the Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

To learn more, visit Health and safety in schools: COVID-19.

Sign up for a free Whitehorse Transit pass

Whitehorse high school students can take a city bus instead of a school bus. Students who choose the city bus receive free Whitehorse Transit passes and are not eligible to ride a school bus. They may use their passes to get to and from school and for personal use.

Students are not eligible for both school bus and public transit student passes.

  1. Complete the Public Transit Registration Form.
  2. Submit your form to the Student Transportation branch. 
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with information.
  4. You must follow the Whitehorse Transit Passenger Code of Conduct when you take the bus.

Apply for a transportation subsidy

If your child lives more than 3.2 km from the nearest school bus stop and goes to the catchment area school, you may apply for a transportation subsidy to offset the cost of driving.

  1. Complete the Application for Student Transportation Allowance.
  2. Submit the completed form.

Student transportation policies, regulations and legislation


For questions about student transportation options email: or phone: 867-667-5172 or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5172.

If you have questions about bus services phone Standard Bus Yukon 867-456-3210.

If you have questions or concerns about student behaviour on buses contact your child's school.