Learn about the school-growth process

The purpose of the school-growth process is to improve the success of each Yukon learner.

This process is based on the school-growth planning policy and is a public commitment to action focusing on:

  • using principles of inquiry;
  • the use of evidence to guide decisions and actions;
  • collaboration and respect for the social and cultural diversity of Yukon; and
  • nurturing positive relationships with Yukon First Nations.

How the school-growth process works

The school-growth process has 3 parts:

  1. Annual school growth planning.
  2. Evidence-based conversations at each school throughout the year.
  3. School reviews conducted with each school and its community every 3 years.

School staff, school councils, parents, Yukon First Nations, Elders and students are involved in:

  • planning;
  • determining appropriate actions to achieve goals; and
  • monitoring progress.



Contact your child's school for more information on its school-growth program.