Assessing your qualifications if you're a foreign worker

  • The difference between credentials and qualifications
  • ​Regulated occupations
  • Non-regulated occupations
  • Where can you get your foreign credentials assessed?

A foreign worker can expect questions about their education and work experience from employers, immigration officers or academic institutions. Be prepared by having records of your qualifications and credentials.

  1. The difference between credentials and qualifications

    Foreign credentials

    These documents are issued outside Canada and show that you have completed an educational program, such as school diplomas, academic transcripts and occupational certifications.

    Foreign qualifications

    Similar to foreign credentials, these documents show work experience. Some people use the term foreign qualifications and foreign credentials to mean the same thing.

  2. ​Regulated occupations

    In regulated occupations, you need to be certified and registered by a regulatory authority that establishes and upholds occupational standards. Each profession requires different standards for entering practice.

    Regulated professions include:

    • Chartered Professional Accountants
    • Chiropractors
    • Clergy
    • Collection agents and collection agency information
    • Crane and hoist operators
    • Dental hygienists
    • Dental therapists
    • Dentists
    • Denturists
    • Electricians
    • Engineers
    • Funeral directors
    • Gasfitters
    • Hunting guides
    • Insurance agents, adjustors, salespersons, brokers and special brokers
    • Lawyers, barristers, solicitors
    • Licensed practical nurses
    • Midwives
    • Oil-burner mechanic
    • Optometrists
    • Pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers
    • Pharmacists
    • Physicians
    • Physiotherapists
    • Private investigators, security guards, burglar alarm and security consultant agency employees
    • Real estate agents and salespersons
    • Teachers
    • Registered nurses
    • Registered psychiatric nurses

  3. Non-regulated occupations

    Please refer to the ESDC website for minimum requirements for non-regulated occupations. Also check the employer’s expectations for a job. Employers determine whether your qualifications will match the requirements of a specific job. The employer may ask for an independent assessment of your educational credentials or past work experience.

  4. Where can you get your foreign credentials assessed?

    Assessment agencies provide employment and educational evaluation services and compare them to credentials in Canada. For more information, visit any of the following websites:


For questions about foreign credentials or qualifications, email [email protected] or phone 867-667-5131, or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, extension 5131.

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