Schedule a building inspection

Building inspections are mandatory. They enforce National Building Codes and are required for insurance, final occupancy and resale.

Schedule your inspection

Phone 867-667-5741 to schedule an inspection at least 72 hours before you need an inspection or if you have a question about what stage of your project requires an inspection.

Required inspections


You require an inspection before the subfloor stage and after the drainage tile and damp-proofing have been completed, but prior to backfill. This includes siting, footing, drainage tile, foundation and damp-proofing, and plumbing rough-in under slab, prior to any back filling.

A Building Location Certificate may be required to confirm applicable zoning and building code set-back requirements have been met.

Framing and insulation inspections

Required on completion of insulation and vapour barrier, doors, windows, roofing and plumbing rough-in.

Conditional occupancy inspection

You can receive conditional occupancy approval when all health and safety items are in place. These include guard rails, handrails, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

You may be required to schedule inspections for electrical, propane and septic at this stage.

Occupancy inspection

A final occupancy approval will be given when all work has been completed and approved.

Other inspections

There may also be an inspection at any other stage where an inspector reasonably believes that an inspection is necessary to ensure that a requirement under the Building Standards Act is met.

Due to evolving construction methods it is often necessary to inspect the structural framing components prior to the installation of insulation and vapour barrier.


To schedule an inspection, have your permit number ready. 
Phone: 867-667-5741 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5741.