Get a commercial carrier safety fitness rating certificate

  1. What is a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate?
  2. Find out if you’re eligible
  3. ​Apply for a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate

  1. What is a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate?

    The National Safety Code (NSC) Safety Fitness Rating Certificate is mandatory for all commercial carriers.

    Once you have the certificate:

    • you meet a minimum standards of carrier fitness; and
    • it will become a prerequisite to getting commercial vehicle registration in the Yukon.

    This certificate is recognized across Canada.

  2. Find out if you’re eligible

    To to eligible for a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate, you must:

    • have your main place of business in Yukon;
    • be in the process of registering a commercial vehicle;
    • give proof you have liability insurance; and
    • give all background information related to your previous commercial operations in any North American jurisdiction.

    Any time you register a new or additional commercial vehicle:

    • you have to give your NSC number from the Safety Fitness Rating Certificate to Motor Vehicles and the International Registration Plan Issuing Services.

  3. ​Apply for a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate
    1. Complete the Safety Fitness Rating certificate application and the confirmation of insurance form.
    2. Submit your forms.
      In person: Whitehorse Weigh Scale at 91444 (kilometre 1420.2) Alaska Highway in Whitehorse. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      Fax: 867-393-6408
    3. Pay the application fee of $50 by cash, credit card or debit.
    4. You will get your certificate at the Whitehorse Weigh Scale if your application is approved.


    All supplied documentation must include the same company name. If the certificate is lost, it can be reprinted for $15. Keep a photocopy of the original certificate in all of your NSC registered vehicles and the original in your office records.


If you have any questions about the National Safety Code or safety fitness rating certificates, email, or phone 867-667-5213, toll free 1-800-661-0408 extension 5213.