Find support for persistent mental illness

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a persistent or severe mental illness? The Psychiatric Outreach Program can help you learn to manage your illness and work towards recovery.

Psychiatric Outreach Program

The Psychiatric Outreach Program is a community-based, voluntary program. It provides mental health care through nursing, social work and support services to people with severe and persistent mental illness. This could be:

  • bipolar disorder;
  • schizophrenia; and
  • other psychosis-related disorders.

Services include:

  • support navigating the system;
  • psychoeducation groups;
  • social and wellness groups;
  • medication support, medication reviews and monitoring;
  • education about mental illness and treatment options;
  • working with clients’ families and social supports;
  • working with other agencies and health care providers; and
  • outreach support and life skills support.

Who is eligible for this program?

This program is for people of any age who are living with a persistent or severe mental illness.

People under the age of 30 who have received a new diagnosis of bipolar, schizophrenia or psychosis may be connected to the Early Psychosis Intervention Program, which is a part of the Psychiatric Outreach Program. 

How can you get a referral to the program?

We accept:

  • self-referrals;
  • referrals from professional supports; and
  • referrals from friends, family or other supports.

How to get started

Phone: 1-866-456-3838