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What is the Advisory Committee for Yukon Education

This committee was formed in January 2016. Together, we’re looking at:

  • what’s working;
  • what’s not working; and
  • how we can improve Yukon’s schools and education system.

Work of the committee

The committee discusses and addresses education challenges and ways to support Yukon learners.

The committee has:

  • reviewed past reports and recommendations about education in Yukon and identified;
    • key themes; and
    • priorities.
  • explored curriculum from across Canada and recommended Yukon use BC’s new curriculum with additional Yukon and Yukon First Nations content and perspectives; and
  • provided feedback and suggestions on:
    • Yukon’s curriculum redesign;
    • the proposed student assessment changes;
    • the draft of the cultural inclusion standards, in-service and training for Yukon educators;
    • Yukon school calendars;
    • school review and growth planning processes; and
    • public engagement strategies.

Committee members

Members of the committee include representatives from our partners:

  • Yukon educators;
  • Association of Yukon School Administrators (AYSA);
  • Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY);
  • First Nations Education Commission;
  • Council of Yukon First Nations;
  • school councils;
  • Vanier Catholic Secondary School Council, Catholic Education Association of Yukon (CEAY);
  • Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees (AYSCBC);
  • Yukon Teachers' Association; and
  • Yukon College.

Committee documents

The key documents from the Advisory Committee for Yukon Education are listed below. It includes minutes from meetings and from its earlier work as the:

  • New Vision Steering Committee; and
  • Curriculum Redesign Advisory Committee.

View the latest meeting minutes

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Meeting minutes December 6, 2016
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For questions, email contact.education@yukon.ca or phone 867-667-5141 or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5141.