Register your child for school

  • Choose an educational program
  • Which school should your child attend?
  • Register your child for Kindergarten
  • Register your child for Grade 1 to 12

  1. Choose an educational program

    There may be specific entrance requirements and space may be limited.

  2. Which school should your child attend?

    Every Yukon school has a specific attendance area. A student's attendance area is determined by their home address. Students must attend school in their attendance area.

    How are attendance areas established?

    Attendance areas are set by ministerial order under Section 58 of the Education Act. The attendance area is your local neighbourhood or community.


    Schools with special programs have a wider attendance area:

    • Catholic schools
    • French immersion schools
    • French first language schools
    • First Nation School Board schools

    School attendance area

    Catholic schools

    Christ the King Elementary School

    Attendance areas of elementary schools south of Two Mile Hill:

    • Elijah Smith Elementary
    • Golden Horn Elementary
    • Grey Mountain Primary
    • Selkirk Elementary

    Holy Family Elementary School

    Attendance areas of elementary schools north of Two Mile Hill:

    • Hidden Valley
    • Jack Hulland Elementary
    • Takhini Elementary

    St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School

    Attendance area:

    • Whitehorse area

    French immersion schools

    École Whitehorse Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Whitehorse area

    Selkirk Elementary School

    Attendance area, English program:
    • Downtown Whitehorse
    • Marwell
    • Riverdale
    • Wickstrom Road
    Attendance area, French immersion (Kindergarten to Grade 4):
    • Whitehorse area

    F.H. Collins Secondary School

    Attendance area, English program:
    • Golden Horn Elementary
    • Grey Mountain Primary; a
    • Selkirk Elementary.
    Attendance area, French immersion:
    • Whitehorse area

    French first language schools

    Centre scolaire secondaire communautaire Paul-Émile Mercier (CSSC Mercier)

    Attendance area:

    • Yukon

    École Émilie-Tremblay

    Attendance area:

    • Yukon

    First Nation School Board schools

    Chief Zzeh Gittlit School

    Attendance area:

    • Old Crow and area

    Eliza Van Bibber School

    Attendance area:

    • Pelly Crossing and area

    Grey Mountain Primary School

    Attendance area:

    • Whitehorse and area 

    Ghùch Tlâ Community School

    Attendance area:

    • Carcross and Tagish areas

    Johnson Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Watson Lake and area

    Kluane Lake School

    Attendance area:

    • Destruction Bay
    • Burwash Landing and areas

    Watson Lake Secondary School

    Attendance area:

    • Watson Lake and area

    Nelnah Bessie John School

    Attendance area:

    • Beaver Creek and area

    Ross River School

    Attendance area:

    • Ross River and area

    St. Elias Community School

    Attendance area:

    • Haines Junction and area

    Takhini Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Whitehorse and area 

    Yukon Education schools

    Elijah Smith Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Arkell
    • Canyon Crescent
    • Copper Ridge
    • Granger
    • Hillcrest
    • Ingram
    • Lobird Trailer Park
    • McCrae
    • McIntyre
    • McLean Lake
    • Paddlewheel Village
    • Takhini-south (south of the softball fields)
    • Valleyview

    Golden Horn Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Alaska Highway (sections of the highway south of McCrae)
    • Annie Lake Road
    • Atlin Road
    • Bear Creek
    • Cowley Creek
    • Golden Horn
    • Jakes Corner
    • Judas Creek
    • Kettley's Canyon
    • Marsh Lake
    • Mary Lake
    • Mt. Sima
    • New Constabulary
    • North McClintock
    • Old Constabulary
    • Pineridge
    • Robinson
    • South Klondike Highway
    • South McClintock
    • Wolf Creek

    Hidden Valley Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Alaska Highway (sections of the highway north and west of Whitehorse)
    • Echo Valley
    • Hidden Valley
    • Lake Laberge
    • MacPherson
    • Mendenhall
    • North Klondike Highway
    • Old Alaska Highway
    • Pilot Mountain; Scout Lake Road
    • Takhini Hot Springs Road

    J.V. Clark School

    Attendance area:

    • Mayo
    • Keno
    • Stewart Crossing and areas

    Jack Hulland Elementary School

    Attendance area:

    • Alaska Highway (from McIntyre Creek to 1.6 kilometre before its intersection with the North Klondike Highway)
    • Crestview
    • MacKenzie Trailer Park
    • Porter Creek
    • Takhini-north (north of the softball fields) and Yukon University
    • Whistle Bend

    Porter Creek Secondary School

    Attendance area:

    • Elijah Smith Elementary
    • Hidden Valley Elementary
    • Jack Hulland Elementary
    • Takhini Elementary schools

    Whistle Bend catchment 

    School under construction. 

    Robert Service School

    Attendance area:

    • Dawson City and area

    Tantalus School

    Attendance area:

    • Carmacks and area

    Del Van Gorder School

    Attendance area:

    • Faro and area

    Khàtìnas.àxh Community School

    Attendance area:

    • Teslin and area


  3. Register your child for Kindergarten

    Yukon Education welcomes kindergarten registrations for the 2023-24 school year. 

    Children who are 5 years of age on or before December 31, 2023, are eligible to attend Kindergarten in the 2023-24 school year. 

    Kindergarten attendance is not a legal requirement in the Yukon. Most families choose to have their children access this important early learning program.

    Registration for Whitehorse children starts on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. The Department of Education held a zoom meeting on January 25 at 7 pm for a Kindergarten information night. 

    How to register

    Parents and guardians must create an Aspen/MyEducationBC Account in the Yukon's student information system. You can do this before February 1, 2023. 

    Before registering you'll need a Parent Account in the Yukon student information system, Aspen/MyEducationBC. 

    • If you do not have a Parent Account in Aspen/MyEducationBC, you'll need to create one. 
    • If you have a Parent Account in Aspen/MyEducationBC, skip the section on Creating a Parent Account, and go to Creating a New Online Registration below.  

    Creating a parent account: 

    1. Go to Aspen/MyEducationBC.
    2. Select "request an account". For mobile users: If you're using a mobile device, you will not see the "request an account" option. Use a mobile browser that allows you to request a desktop version of the website.
      • Chrome: Select the 3 dots at the top right of the page and check the "desktop site" option. 
      • Safari: Select the AA and choose "request desktop website".
    3. Create an account by filling out the appropriate boxes. Select "I am a parent/guardian registering my child online". 
    4. Create Your Aspen/MyEducationBC account. Enter the account holder's information in the required fields. Select Yukon schools for school districts. Select "next step".
    5. Account information: Update all required fields. Select "create my account". 
    6. Confirmation: Check your email for a verification email. Select the confirmation link to verify your email address. 
    7. Next steps: you're now ready to begin your child's online registration. 

    For more information, view the Aspen account guide: Parent or Guardian Online Aspen Account Request and Student Registration

    Creating a new online registration 

    You can register your child for Kindergarten as of February 1, 2023. 

    The deadline for applying to the French Immersion Kindergarten programs is Wednesday, February 22, 2023. 

    Before you apply, make sure to have the following information. 

    • Government-issued ID for your child, which can include: 
      • birth certificate; 
      • passport; or 
      • Canadian citizenship certificate. 
    • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of parents or guardians and other contacts.

    When applying you can "save and close" at any point in the application. Your work will be saved and you can return to it later. 

    To complete your registration, make sure to follow the instructions below: 

    1. Log in to your Aspen/MyEducation account.
    2. Under "start a New Student Registration", select "initiate". 
    3. Start tab: Read instructions and notices. For School Year Selection, choose 2023-24. Select "next". 
    4. Student tab: Make sure to enter your information in all required fields. Select "next". 
    5. School tab: Select the name of your attendance area school. For Selkirk Elementary, please indicate the English stream or French Immersion stream in the comments in the submit tab (see Step 9 below). 
    6. Family Contacts tab: Enter information for parent or guardian or other contacts, as well as for any school-aged sibling. Select "next". 
    7. Additional information tab: Enter any additional information about your child. Select "next". 
    8. Documents tab: Upload a copy of your child's government-issued ID. You can also upload the completed Catholic school admission package here. If you're unable to provide digital documentation at this point, you can skip this step and make an appointment to bring a physical copy to the school office at a later date. Select "next". 
    9. Submit tab: Enter any comments, for example, I would like my child to be in the French Immersion program at Selkirk Elementary. Select "submit". This will submit the registration to the school. 

    What to expect?

    When you're registering 

    • Students must attend the school in their attendance area. View attendance areas.
    • Only submit 1 registration per child. 
    • There are no paper forms available. If you need support to register online, use the contact listed above. 

    What to expect after registration 

    • Your registration will be reviewed by the school. Once it's accepted, you'll receive an email confirmation. 
    • The school will contact you to share:
      • orientation session information; and
      • important school dates.
    • If your child is not assigned to your school of choice, we'll contact you to discuss options.

    For Catholic schools

    To register your child in the Catholic schools of Whitehorse:

    1. Complete the online registration. 
    2. Upload a piece of valid government-issued ID. 
    3. Upload the Catholic school of Whitehorse admission form.

    Once your child is assigned to a Catholic school, the school will contact you for an interview. 

    For French Immersion

    To register your child for French immersion:

    1. Complete the online registration form.
    2. Upload a copy of a valid government-issued ID.
    3. Select the preferred school (École Selkirk Elementary or École Whitehorse Elementary). If applying to Selkirk Elementary School, you must select the French Immersion program or the English program in the parent message box under the "submit" tab. 

    French immersion programs are not on a first-come, first-served basis. There's a lottery. All applications received by the deadline are considered equally. 

    Make sure to follow the process and key dates outlined to be included in the lottery process. 

    The registration process and key dates for French immersion

    Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 4 pm 

    This is the last day to register your child for French Immersion. Your child will be placed in the lottery if 1 is needed. After the lottery, late registrations for French Immersion will be considered based on availability.  

    Friday, March 10, 2023, at 4 pm

    This is the last day to confirm acceptance of your child’s spot in French Immersion. 

    How to register

    Contact the school to register your child. The school will let you know if they require online or paper-based registration. If it's paper-based, the school will provide all the necessary forms.  You'll need a valid piece of a government-issued ID for the child. 

    French first language

    To register visit la Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon or phone École Émilie-Tremblay at 867-667-8150.

    Register your child in a community

    Most rural Yukon schools have 2 Kindergarten starting points. Children can start either;

    • Early Kindergarten (K4) if they’re 4 years old on or before December 31, 2023; or
    • Kindergarten (K5) if they’re 5 years old on or before December 31, 2023.
    • Individual schools may vary in how Kindergarten programs are scheduled allowing for options that best suit the needs of the community. 

    Kindergarten can be a half-day or full-day program, depending on the school. Some schools include Kindergarten in blended-grade classrooms.

    For First Nation School Board

    All Yukon students are welcome to enrol at First Nation School Board (FNSB) schools. 

    Registering in Whitehorse

    The Education Area for the FNSB is all of the Yukon. This means that the school enrolment is not based on your residential address. 

    Any student in Whitehorse can apply to enrol at: 

    • Takhini Elementary; or 
    • Grey Mountain Primary 

    To register your child in 1 of the FNSB schools in Whitehorse: 

    1. Complete the online registration. 
    2. Upload a piece of valid government-issued ID. 
    3. Select the preferred school (Takhini Elementary or Grey Mountain Primary)

    School buses are available for all students attending these schools. 

    When possible the FNSB will accommodate all students interested in enrolling in Whitehorse FNSB schools. The board will create additional classrooms if needed. 

    If there is limited space in classrooms: 

    • Yukon First Nations students will be given 1st priority. 
    • Siblings of students who are already enrolled in 1 of the 2 Whitehorse schools will be given 2nd priority. 
    • Students who live in the adjacent residential areas (following the school's former attendance area) and/or other Indigenous students will be given 3rd priority. 
    • A lottery will take place for all other students. 

    Registering in a community 

    All rural Yukon students have a right to enrol in the local FNSB school and can be registering in their community school. For more information on how to register, follow the instructions below in "register your child in a community". 


  4. Register your child for Grade 1 to 12

    According to Section 22 of the Education Act, Yukon children must:

    • attend school from the age of 6 years plus 8 months (as of September 1) until at least the age of 16; except
    • by special arrangement with the Department of Education.

    How to register

    Contact the school in your attendance area to register.

    You must register your child in your attendance area. 

    The school will provide all the necessary forms. You’ll need your child’s birth certificate or transcript.

    If the school does not have room for your child, we'll help you find another option. Phone 867-667-5068 or email


If you have questions about registering your child for school, email or call 867-471-0899.