Learn about traditional meals at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre

The Whitehorse Correctional Centre recognizes and respects the cultural heritage of its inmate population in various ways. This includes ensuring that individuals have regular access to meals that are both authentic and reflect the traditions they represent.

The Whitehorse Correctional Centre’s menu features a number of traditional meals, including:

  • bison and elk lasagna;
  • sage-roasted wild Pacific salmon;
  • bison stew;
  • white fish with hollandaise sauce; and
  • roast bison with bannock.

These dishes are part of the weekly rotational menu, giving inmates regular access to nutritious and culturally significant meals. Beyond the regular menu, the Whitehorse Correctional Centre honours and celebrates significant cultural events throughout the year.

Traditional meals are prepared for occasions such as:

  • National Truth and Reconciliation Day;
  • summer solstice; and
  • winter solstice.

If you have questions about the menu and its cultural significance, email Ernesto Castillo, Deputy Superintendent of Programs, at ernesto.castillo@yukon.ca or phone 867-455-2906.