Find outfitting concession map data

The Yukon has 20 outfitting concessions (OCs) or "outfitting areas".

1 big-game outfitter holds exclusive rights to guide non-residents in each outfitting concession. The outfitter ‒ the concession holder ‒ provides this service for a fee.

If a non-resident wants to hunt in the Yukon, they must be accompanied by a Yukon resident:

  • who's a private citizen doing this for free under a special guide licence; or
  • a commercial outfitter who does this as a business.

Each concession holder is:

  • registered with the government as a commercial hunting outfitter; and
  • licensed to guide in 1 concession.

Most concessions are made up of groups of Game Management Areas (GMAs). Some Yukon areas are not covered by concessions, such as national parks.

These data are available at nominal scales of 1:250,000 and 1:1,000,000.

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