Apply for a special guide licence to guide a non-Yukon resident Canadian on a hunt

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  1. Apply for a special guide licence

    The Government of Yukon is delaying the application period for the special guide licence until June. This decision is in response to concerns around COVID-19 and travel restrictions across the country.

    The feasibility of the special guide licence lottery will be reassessed in May. The delay still provides the Department of Environment sufficient time to accept applications and run the lottery prior to hunting season opening in August.

    We encourage hunters to watch this page for updates and follow the advice from Yukon's Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding travel recommendations and restrictions as well as social distancing practices when planning their hunts.

    What is a special guide licence?

    A hunter with a special guide licence can guide:

    • a non-Yukon resident;
    • who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


    Special guide licences are issued through a weighted lottery process.

    You may guide 1 hunter each year you have a special guide licence. It's against the law to accept payment or reward of any kind for this service.

    Hunters must meet all responsibilities as a guide found in the Yukon hunting regulations summary.

    Licence requirements

    To apply for a special guide licence you must:


    The non-resident Canadian hunter you want to guide must:

    • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who's at least 12 years old;
    • be eligible to hold a hunting licence in their home province or territory;
    • purchase their own seals if they are 14 years old or older;
    • use your seals if they are 12 or 13 years old; and
    • not have been special guided in Yukon in the previous 2 hunting seasons.


    You can only enter the special guide licence lottery once each year to guide 1 non-resident hunter. A non-resident hunter’s name can only appear on 1 application. We will reject all the applications if they have the same non-resident hunter's name.

    Available special guiding opportunities

    There are:

    • 100 special guide licences available for moose or caribou, black bear, coyote and wolf; and
    • 25 special guide licence available for bison, black bear, coyote and wolf.


    If you don't plan on guiding this year, you can still apply to increase your weighting for the next draw. Choose the 'hold' option when you apply.

    Where to apply for a special guide licence


    1. Log in to Environment eServices.
    2. Select 'Special guide licence (SGL)' on the sidebar and follow the steps.
    3. Pay the $10 non-refundable application fee by credit card.

    At Department of Environment offices

    1. Go to a Department of Environment office and request to apply for a special guide licence.
    2. Pay the $10 non-refundable application fee by cash, cheque or credit card.


    Your application will be entered into a weighted lottery process.

    After you submit your application, you cannot change any of the information from your application, including the name of the hunter you want to guide. 

    Lottery results notification

    If you are successful in the lottery, you will get notification at the email address listed on your client profile. We will post lottery results (hunting licence numbers) online at the end of April.

    If you are successful in the draw:

    1. Go to a Department of Environment office.
    2. Sign your special guide licence and other required paperwork.


    The non-resident hunter needs to:

    1. Get a Yukon non-resident big game hunting licence.
    2. Buy seals at a Department of Environment office prior to hunting.


    Once a special guiding licence has been issued, you can’t return it.

  2. About special guide licences

    Lottery system

    To fairly distribute special guide licences, the Government of Yukon uses a weighted, computerized lottery system that randomly selects applicants.

    Your chances of being drawn depends on:

    • the number of applicants; and
    • your lottery weighting.


    For every year you apply for a special guide licence and aren’t successful, your weighting will increase the next time you apply.

    Special guide species

    Special guide licences can be used to hunt:

    • moose or caribou, black bear, coyote and wolf; or
    • bison, black bear, coyote, wolf.


    If you get a special guide licence for moose or caribou, the non-resident hunter can only harvest a moose or a caribou. They cannot harvest both.

    Non-resident hunters can't harvest these animals while being guided under a special guide licence:

    • goat;
    • sheep;
    • elk;
    • deer;
    • grizzly bear; and
    • wolverine.

    Hunting areas

    Special guide hunting is limited to open Game Management Subzones:

    • where residents are not restricted by permit hunts; or
    • where other limitations such as a threshold hunt do not apply.


    See the Yukon hunting regulations summary for details.

    Responsibilities after the hunt

    Whether or not any wildlife was harvested, the Yukon resident hunter must:

    • Complete the Outfitter/Chief/Guide/Hunter Report/Harvest Fee Receipt and Wildlife Export Permit form provided (commonly called an OHE) at Department of Environment offices.
    • Ensure the form is signed by both the special guide and special guided hunter. It is a legal affidavit.
    • Submit the form to any Department of Environment office within 10 days after the month that your hunt concluded.
    • Pay any required non-resident harvest fees.
    • Submit any compulsory biological submissions no later than 15 days after the end of the month in which the animal was harvested.


  3. ​​Special guide lottery results


    The draw for the 2020 special guide licence lottery has not yet taken place. Draw results will be posted here.


    There were 522 applications for the special guide licence lottery in 2019. Of those, 200 were for weighting only.

    100 special guide licences were issued for moose or caribou and 25 issued for bison.

    See the list of successful licence numbers.

    We don't publish the names of special guide licence recipients. Look for your hunting licence number.


If you have further questions about the special guide licence, contact or phone: 867-667-5652, or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5652.