Social media commenting policy

We're committed to creating a respectful online environment across all of our digital platforms.

We support and promote equity, diversity and the dignity of all people, and strive to provide safe and positive spaces.

Inappropriate, abusive, discriminatory, hateful or otherwise offensive content, comments or behaviour will not be tolerated.

We welcome public comments on our social media pages. Comments will be removed from our page if they:

  • contain obscene language;
  • contain language that is abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise hateful;
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  • could be considered spam or advertising;
  • are written in languages other than English or French;
  • are party political messages;
  • are not human-friendly (for example, they contain excessive links or computer code); or
  • are totally off topic.

Ongoing violations of our commenting policy may result in the user being permanently blocked from commenting on our pages.