Give feedback about continuing care services

Do you have feedback about the care or services that you or your family are receiving? Your perspective matters. Please share your experience with us. Feedback contributes to the value and quality of the services we provide.

How to provide your feedback

Tell your concerns to any member of the care team. They will complete an internal form reflecting what you’ve told them.

You can fill out a form at 1 of our continuing care buildings, including:

Speak to a supervisor or manager

This can be someone who is not directly involved with care, but supervises the care team or program area.

  • Copper Ridge Place 867-393-7500 (leave a message after hours)
  • McDonald Lodge 867-993-7704 (leave a message after hours)
  • Thomson Centre 867-393-8625 (leave a message after hours)
  • Whistle Bend Place 867-667-9300 (leave a message after hours)
  • Home Care 867-667-5774 (during business hours only)

Submit your comments

  1. Download and complete the feedback form for clients or family.

Submit the form to the attention of the manager of quality, risk and clinical practice.
Fax: 867-456-6953
Government of Yukon
Safety and Clinical Excellence Office, Continuing Care (H-202)
#202-4103 4th Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1H6

Submit a compliment about a team member

  • You can also use the feedback form to submit compliments.
  • You can request a formal meeting with a program manager.
  • You can offer cards, letters or verbal compliments to anyone on the care team.

Our employees can’t accept gifts with a monetary value.

What if you do not want a staff person involved in your care?

You can ask for removal of a member of your care team. Speak with the program manager or use the feedback form.

The supervisor or program manager will take the following steps:

  1. Speak with you to try to identify the specific issue.
  2. Put supports in place for your needs.
  3. Try to fix the issue through staff training.
  4. Ask you to allow the staff to remain in place long enough to see if the training addresses the issue.
  5. Follow-up with you to see if you still have concerns.

What if the problems have not been resolved?

The program manager will remove the person from your care team. This may not happen right away, because of scheduling issues. If you find this takes too long, follow-up with the program manager.

What happens after you submit your feedback?

We follow up on all feedback. Someone will contact you unless you tell us not to.

Once you share your feedback and tell us that you would like a follow-up, we'll contact you and work towards resolving the issue. In the case of a complaint or concern, we'll follow up:

  • immediately if you contact us in person; and
  • within 1-3 working days if your feedback comes by email or fax.