Find out how to get the Yukon Excellence Award

  • Learn about the Yukon Excellence Award
  • Eligibility and qualifying courses to earn the Yukon Excellence Award
  • Get the Yukon Excellence Award

  1. Learn about the Yukon Excellence Award

    The Yukon Excellence Award encourages academic achievement in grades 10–12 in Yukon high schools. This award help students pursue post-secondary education or training.

    How much can you receive?

    You're eligible to receive up to $3,000 for 10 awards for post-secondary education and training. Each award is $300.

    The Department of Education calculates the amount you're eligible for. You don’t need to apply to earn an award.

    We'll send you a letter in the fall to let you know which awards you earned in the previous school year. If you're still at a Yukon school, you'll receive this letter through your school. For students who have graduated or left the system, we'll send your letter to your last known home address.

    How can you use your award?

    You must be enrolled in post-secondary education or training:

    • full-time; or
    • part-time.

    Use the award to begin or continue your post-secondary studies. You may also be approved if you need to upgrade:

    • classes;
    • courses; or
    • programs.

    Use your award for:

    • tuition;
    • compulsory fees; and/or
    • books.

    You can apply for the entire amount of the Yukon Excellence Awards earned or use a part each year. You’re not required to complete your post-secondary program to:

    • be eligible;
    • receive; or
    • retain your award.

    How does it work?

    1. Pay your school costs, compulsory fees and/or books.
    2. Submit your receipts to the Department of Education.
    3. We send you a cheque to reimburse you for your costs.

  2. Eligibility and qualifying courses to earn the Yukon Excellence Award


    • achieve at least 80% final mark in 10 of the qualifying courses;
    • be a Yukon resident:
      • you must be legally entitled to remain in Canada; and
      • be a resident of Yukon (someone who makes his or her home and is ordinarily present in Yukon).
    • attend:
      • a Yukon high school; or
      • be registered in a Yukon home education program.

    Qualifying courses

    • Grade 10:
      • any 3 courses with a British Columbia Provincial Exam (English, math and science); and
      • 1 other course.
    • Grade 11:
      • 1 civic studies); and
      • 2 other courses.
    • Grade 12:
      • 1 mandatory course with a British Columbia Provincial Exam (English or communications); and
      • 2 other courses.

    Français langue courses are the equivalent of English courses. We'll use whichever grade is higher to evaluate your grades.

    British Columbia Provincial Exams (BCPE)

    For Grades 10 and 11

    There is an in-class assessment that includes:

    • exams;
    • projects; and/or
    • assignments.

    For Grade 12 courses:

    • If a course does not have a BCPE, the final course mark is the combined total of marks for all in-class assessments.
    • If a course has a BCPE, the final course mark is the combined total of marks for:
      • all in-class assessments; and
      • the BCPE mark.

  3. Get the Yukon Excellence Award


    You may apply at any time to access your awards within 10 years of leaving high school. You don’t need to live in Yukon to receive the awards you’ve earned.

    How to apply

    Online application

    1. Register and apply online.
    2. You must download and complete the Yukon Student Financial Assistance Student Declaration form.
    3. Provide a copy of your receipts.
    4. Submit the completed forms to our office.

    Paper application

    1. Download, or pick up from our office, the mandatory forms:
    2. Provide a copy of your receipts.
    3. Submit the completed forms.

    How to submit your application

    In person: Education Building (entrance to parking on Hospital Road), 1000 Lewes Boulevard in Whitehorse. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Fax: 867-667-8555
    Government of Yukon
    Student Financial Assistance (E-13)
    Box 2703,
    Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

    When will you find out about your application?

    Processing an application can take up to 8 weeks. Once we have approved your application, we'll send a letter indicating how much you'll receive to:

    • you; and
    • the post-secondary institution you're attending.

    We'll then mail a cheque to you. You'll pick up the cheque at the financial aid office of the school you're attending.

    Online applications

    You can also check your Student Financial Assistance account.

    1. Login.
    2. Select “Check the status of applications”.

    Paper applications

    You can follow up with Student Financial Assistance. Email: or phone: 867-667-5929, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5929.

    Do I have to report the Yukon Excellence Award income on my tax return?

    You must report the Yukon Excellence Award(s) you received on your tax return. We will send a T4A to the permanent address you provide in your application.

    If you have not received a T4A for the previous year by February 28, please phone 867-667-3555.

    Wondering how your T4A income will affect your tax return?
    Contact the Canada Revenue Agency.


If you have questions, email or phone 867-667-5929, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5929.