Apply for the Student Training Allowance

  • Eligibility for the Student Training Allowance
  • How much can you receive
  • Submit your application



  1. Eligibility for the Student Training Allowance

    You're eligible for the Student Training Allowance if you are:

    • registered at Yukon University or Alkan Air;
    • a full-time student; and
    • your program is a minimum of 3 weeks long.

    You also need to be a Yukon resident who:

    • is legally entitled to remain in Canada;
    • has lived in Yukon for 2 years right before your classes start; and
    • is not eligible to apply for funding through any other jurisdiction.

    If you were out of the territory for school

    Yukon students who are out of territory in full-time studies are considered as residents. Contact Student Financial Assistance if you have questions.

    Eligibility for student financial assistance in other jurisdictions

    You are not eligible for the Student Training Allowance if you're eligible to apply for funding from another jurisdiction.

    Another territory, province or country outside Yukon will consider:

    • a student;
    • their parent; or
    • another supporting person

    as a resident if they have lived outside Yukon for at least 12 months.


    You are eligible in another jurisdiction when:

    • your parents moved away from the Yukon to another jurisdiction for at least 12 months; and
    • you have been in full-time post-secondary studies since leaving high school.

  2. How much can you receive

    How long can you receive funding?

    • A maximum of 40 weeks per year.
    • A maximum of 170 weeks over your lifetime.

    Amounts for the 2023-24 academic year

    • Student only: $127 per week.
    • Student and 1 dependant: $184 per week.
    • Student and 2 dependants: $214 per week.
    • Student and 3 dependants: $237 per week.
    • Student and 4 or more dependants: $265 per week.

    Who qualifies as a dependant?

    A dependant is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who normally lives with the student and can be:

    • a child (natural, adopted or stepchild) 17 years old or younger; and/or
    • a spouse whose income is less than $127 per week.

    Students who live outside Whitehorse

    • If you maintain a residence in Whitehorse and one in your home community: $101 per week.
    • If you are travelling to school from one community to another, you may be eligible for an additional travel allowance. Talk to Student Financial Assistance to find out more.

    Can you receive the Student Training Allowance and the Yukon Grant?

    No, you cannot receive the Student Training Allowance and the Yukon Grant at the same time. You must choose the funding that suits you best if you:

    • attend a Yukon institution; and
    • meet the eligibility requirements for both funding programs.

    Can you combine the 2 grants?

    You can receive a total of 170 weeks of funding from the Student Training Allowance and the Yukon Grant.

    For example, if you:

    • use 68 weeks of the Student Training Allowance;
    • you will have 102 weeks of funding left for either Student Training Allowance or the Yukon Grant.

    Can you receive other funding and the Student Training Allowance?

    Students can get funding from another source and still qualify for the Student Training Allowance if the other fund is only for:

    • books; and
    • tuition costs.

    If you expect to receive funding from another source, discuss this with Student Financial Assistance.

  3. Submit your application

    Application deadline

    To receive funding for the entire study period, you must apply no later than 14 school days after your classes start. Late applications may be assessed effective the date you apply. 

    How to apply

    Online application

    1. Register or log in to the online portal.

      Log in to Student Financial Assistance portal

    2. Upload a program information form completed by an authorized post-secondary institution representative. 
    3. Submit your completed application with the uploaded forms through the online portal. 

    How is the Student Training Allowance paid?

    • Before your payments begin, the university will send an email to your Yukon University email address outlining your sign-in process.
    • You will have to sign-in regularly to receive your Student Training Allowance.
    • The deadline to receive a full payment for the Student Training Allowance is 14 days after the start of classes. 
    • Late applications will be considered, and if approved, funding will start from the date your signed application is received.

    Do you have to pay back your Student Training Allowance?

    The Student Training Allowance is a grant. You do not have to pay it back. The only reasons you might have to repay the grant is if you:

    • receive an overpayment;
    • withdraw from your program; or
    • drop to part-time status.

    You can appeal a Student Training Allowance decision

    Find out how to appeal a decision.


If you have questions, email or phone 867-667-5929, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5929.