Submit an appeal to the Student Financial Assistance Committee

Students may appeal the rejection decision made by a student financial services officer.

The Student Financial Assistance Committee acts as an appeal board. Under the legislative authority of the Students Financial Assistance Act (section 10,12 and 17).

The committee is an independent body consisting of a chair and at least 5 other members. The Minister of Education appoints members for a term of 3 years. The committee meets monthly. To learn more about this committee visit Students Financial Assistance Committee.

How to submit an appeal

  1. Call the director of Training Programs, Suzan Davy at 867-667-5129 to discuss:
    • your right to appeal; and
    • the appeal process.
  2. Provide a written summary of why you believe the decision should be appealed.
  3. Submit your summary to the director of Training Programs:

What to expect

The director will forward your appeal to the Student Financial Assistance Committee for review.

The committee will arrange a meeting where you will make an appearance either:

  • in person;
  • by phone; or
  • sending a proxy or representative.

You will explain your position and answer any questions from the committee.

The committee chair will mail you a letter to inform you if the decision was:

  • overturned; or
  • upheld.

The letter will also explain the rationale behind the decision.