Report livestock at large or welfare concerns

In Yukon, you must contain your livestock but sometimes animals break free. This poses a risk to the animal, wildlife, private property and public safety. It is important that livestock owners and the public report the escape or any livestock sightings.

Reporting livestock at large

To report livestock at large, phone the Agriculture Branch at 867-667-5838. Be ready to provide the:

  • location;
  • number of animals; and
  • description or picture of the animals.

We will first try to reconnect the animals with their owner. If this can't happen, we will notify a pound keeper to assist in collecting and caring for the animals.

Feral horses in the Ibex Valley

There is a group of feral horses in the Ibex Valley. You may see horses in this area and won't know if they are feral or domestic. You can phone 867-667-5600 to report the horses.

Reporting livestock welfare concerns

The National Farm Animal Care Council established standards for the care of livestock based on best practices of the industry. In addition, Yukon’s Animal Protection Act specifies the obligations of owners to:

  • provide care for their animals; and
  • prohibits abuse of livestock.

You can report livestock welfare concerns. Phone 867-667-5600.

Reporting escaped or missing Livestock

To report escaped or missing livestock, phone:

  • Agriculture Branch 867-667-5838; or
  • an animal protection officer 867-667-5600.

We can help:

  • find your livestock; and
  • develop a plan to capture them.

If you believe wildlife such as bears or wolves took your livestock, report this to:

  • Turn in Poachers and Polluters line 1-800-661-0525; and
  • Agriculture Branch 867-667-5838.

It's important to report and start a record of possible problems with wildlife, and to record the loss. You may be eligible for compensation under the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

Escaped boar, sheep or goats

If not contained, some species of livestock can have a serious impact on the environment and wildlife:

  • Eurasian pigs (wild boar);
  • sheep; and
  • goats.

We provide support for people choosing to raise this type of livestock in Yukon. Email or phone 867-667-5838 to talk about best management practices for:

  • containment; and
  • possible funding.

Under the Pounds Act, the Government of Yukon is required to post a notice about impounded animals to find the owners. After 20 days, if the owners remain unknown, we may hold an auction to sell the animals.

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