Eagle Gold project: licensing documents

The Eagle Gold project is a gold property located 85 kilometres from Mayo on the Traditional territory of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun. The project is an open pit mine that uses cyanide heap leaching techniques to extract gold.

For information on the status of the site or to access licensing documents, email the Mineral Resources Branch at emr-qml@yukon.ca.

For information on water licences and related inspection reports on the site, view Yukon Water Board's online registry Waterline.

The following documents are only available in English. We’ll update this page as we create and modify licensing documents.

Documents we're reviewing

Quartz mining licences


Development and operational plans

Surface mining plans

Underground mining plans

There are no documents at this time.

Processing facilities plans

Mine waste management plans

Health and safety plans

Environmental and socio-economic plans 

Reclamation and closure plans

Financial security


Forms of security (July 2022; 602 KB)

Reporting and inspections

Annual reporting

Physical reporting

Mine development reporting

There are no documents at this time.

Environmental reporting

Socio-economic reporting

There are no documents at this time.