View a map of the Indian River wetlands

Our mapping of the Indian River wetlands helps us protect the wetlands as we make decisions on placer mining in the area. We update the maps when new data is available.

Our interactive map displays the location and classification of wetlands and neighbouring habitat in the Indian River valley and its major tributaries.

5 classes of wetlands are identified:

  • bogs,
  • fens,
  • swamps,
  • marshes, and
  • shallow water.

We based the classes on field investigations and interpretation of high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery. We also included Ducks Unlimited Canada’s interpretation of shallow water wetlands within disturbed landscapes.

View the Indian River wetlands map

Learn more about placer mining in the Indian River valley

There are specific requirements for Class 4 placer mining projects in the Indian River area that have naturally occurring wetlands.

  • You must avoid mining in wetlands when possible.
  • You cannot mine in bogs.
  • If you cannot avoid mining other wetlands types, you must submit a wetland protection and reclamation plan for our approval.
  • Your wetland and protection plan must leave 40 per cent of the fens within your mining operation claim block.
  • For operations licensed for 10 years, we'll do an interim review at the beginning of the 5th year. This includes consultation with First Nations.

Read an information sheet on placer mining in the Indian River area.

Read the mapping and classification report completed by CryoGeographic Consulting.