Find maps and records for mining claims and tenure

We have several online tools that can help you find information about mineral tenure.

Find records for mineral tenure

You can use our mining claims database to look up:

  • the type of mineral tenure;
  • the status of a claim;
  • the claim owner; and
  • important dates related to the claim.

View the mining claims database

View a map of mineral tenure

You can see mineral tenure information on our GeoYukon interactive map. It shows:

  • mineral tenure;
  • land tenure;
  • mining activities;
  • land use activities;
  • First Nation Traditional Territories and Settlement Land; and
  • parks and protected areas.

View mining layers on GeoYukon

Download claim maps in PDF

You can use our mining index map to:

  • search for placer and quartz claim maps; and
  • print or save the maps to use them in the field.

View the mining index map viewer