Get funding for marketing of agriculture and agri-food products

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The Market Development Program funds projects that:

  • investigate new markets;
  • develop new market opportunities; and
  • increase industry competitiveness.

Eligible activities

Examples of eligible activities.

  • Market and promote agri-food.
  • Develop and design communication products;
    • brochures;
    • logos;
    • labels;
    • signs; and
    • packaging.
  • Develop a market strategy, for example, paying a consultant to do this work.
  • Take part in marketing events, including registration fees and travel costs for you or a consultant at events such as:
    • Food Ex; and
    • Yukon trade shows.
  • Farmers’ markets and agritourism ventures where the primary beneficiary is the agriculture sector.
  • Local, producer-level food branding initiatives.

Eligible recipients

  • Producers.
  • Processors.
  • Retailers.
  • Producer or processor organizations.
  • Agricultural non-profits.
  • Governments.

Eligible funding

Producers, processors and retailers:

  • 50% if there are in-kind contributions; and
  • 60% if there are no in-kind contributions.
  • lifetime program maximum of $100,000

Producer or processor organizations:

  • up to 75% of the project costs.

Governments and agricultural non-profits:

  • up to 100% of the project costs.

Apply for funding

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding program is now fully subscribed. The funding program intake is now closed and we are not accepting new applications. For questions, contact the Agriculture Branch at

Find out the decision

Most applications are reviewed by a Project Evaluation Committee that meets once a month. The program manager may review some. We will contact you once a decision has been made. This is usually within 2 weeks of the monthly deadline. If your project is approved, we can explain the next steps at this time or you can find them in the programming guide.

Evaluate your completed project

We will release your final payment once you submit:

  • the completed evaluation form;
  • an itemized list of expenses; and
  • copies of receipts.

If you host an event like a conference or workshop, include feedback from attendees.

We make project results, excluding financial details, available to the public.

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About the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a 5-year, $3-billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture and agri-food sector. It provides funding to help Yukon’s agriculture industry:

  • increase competitiveness, productivity or profitability;
  • increase environmental sustainability;
  • expand domestic and international markets; and
  • improve the anticipation, mitigation and response to risks.

Approved projects under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program are funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Yukon.