Apply for a dock lease

You must apply for a lease before building a dock or other waterfront structures on public land.


To be eligible for a lease for a dock or other waterfront structures, you must:

  • be at least 19 years of age or older;
  • hold title or a lease upland of the proposed dock or shoreline structure; and
  • have written support from the First Nation if the upland tenure is their Settlement Land.

Choosing a site

You can use our GeoYukon interactive map to select a location for your dock or waterfront structure.

Ensure the land is available and does not overlap:

  • Settlement Land;
  • a titled parcel; or
  • other conflicting uses.

View land and property layers on GeoYukon

You can get help GeoYukon at:

Ensure your site meets the criteria in our water lot lease policy.

Apply for the land

  1. Download, complete and sign the application form.
  2. Include with your application:
    • a detailed, to-scale site plan including all existing and proposed structures;
    • a location map; and
    • a copy of your title or lease for the upland tenure.
  3. We recommend you review your application with our staff. We can help ensure your application is complete and the land you chose is suitable. You can visit us at:
  4. Submit your application along with an application fee of $25 plus 5 per cent GST. You can do this when you meet with our staff to go over your application.

Timeline for decision

Review of your application includes consultation with First Nations and public engagement. It typically takes 12 to 24 months to reach a decision on your application. Throughout the process, we'll be in touch:

  • to keep you up to date on the progress of your application; and
  • if we need any clarification.

After you receive our decision

  1. After we make a decision about your application, we'll mail you a decision letter.
  2. If we approve your application, we'll mail a licence or lease document to you to sign.
  3. After you sign the document, we sign the licence or lease and provide you with a final copy for your records.

If we deny your application

We'll notify you in the decision letter. You can appeal the decision.


Our client services staff can assist you with any questions. Contact the Land Management Branch. Phone 867-667-5215 or email