COVID-19 measures for Corporate Affairs

Due to ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19, Corporate Affairs has put new measures in place as of November 23, 2020. View the measures

How to choose a society name

Here are some guidelines on choosing a name for your society or business.

  • Minimum length of name is 5 characters.
  • Maximum length of name is 120 characters.
  • Name must have more letters than the total number of other characters in the name.
  • No obscene or objectionable names.
  • Names must not mislead.
  • Names must not be identical to another organization.

Names that need consent:

  • names that suggest government affiliation such as Government of Yukon or Yukon First Nation;
  • names that suggest academic or technical affiliation such as university or college;
  • names that suggest teaching of a trade such as a school, institute or academy;
  • names such as accountant, dentist, engineer, or private investigators; and
  • names that suggest regulated financial business.

See the full list of naming guidelines in the Naming Regulations.