Retire your old fridge and get a $50 rebate

Our Refrigerator Retirement Program helps you retire your older, inefficient refrigerator.

You are eligible for a $50 rebate if you decide to retire a fridge that is 10 years or older. We also:

  • pick-up your fridge from your home; and
  • drop it off for recycling at no extra cost.


  • Refrigerators must be 10 years or older and in working condition to qualify.
  • Compact fridges less than 220 litres or 7.75 cubic feet are not eligible for the rebate.
  • The rebate is available to households in all Yukon communities.

Schedule your fridge pickup

  1. Contact us to register your fridge for pick-up. Email us at or phone 867-393-7063.
  2. We'll email you a release form to sign.
  3. The transportation company will phone you to arrange a pick-up time for the fridge.
  4. You must provide a signed copy of the release form to the driver at the time of pick-up.

Retiring older, inefficient fridges reduces Yukon's energy loads

Appliances built in the last 20 years tend to use less electricity. You'll save the most energy by retiring old, secondary fridges. You'll save a moderate amount of energy by replacing your main fridge with a new ENERGY STAR® fridge.

$100 rebate for the purchase of an energy efficient fridge

If you're replacing your old fridge, consider purchasing an ENERGY STAR fridge. If you do, you'll qualify for a $100 appliance rebate.