Get listed as a provider of Good Energy rebate services or products

Good energy providers offer services or products that qualify for Good Energy rebates. You can apply to join the list if you provide services and products that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Yukon.

These Good Energy Providers include:

  • contractors;
  • suppliers;
  • engineers;
  • consultants;
  • businesses;
  • organizations; and
  • manufacturers.

Benefits of joining the list

  • Being on the Good Energy providers page
  • Promoted directly to potential Good Energy clients
  • Inclusion in our Good Energy marketing and promotional efforts
  • Get updates on the Good Energy rebates program
  • Have the opportunity to review and suggest improvements to the Good Energy rebates program
  • Use of authorized Good Energy marketing and promotional materials that we’re developing
  • Participate in future workshops and trade-specific training we offer


You are a local provider offering products or services that are eligible for rebate under the Good Energy program.

Get listed

  1. Contact the Energy Branch. Email or phone 867-393-7063 to:
    • set up a phone or video meeting with a senior energy advisor; and
    • get a copy of the Good Energy list application package.
  2. At the meeting, a senior advisor will:
    • discuss your roles and responsibilities as a member of the Good Energy list;
    • review with you the Good Energy program’s terms and conditions;
    • review which Good Energy rebates apply to you and their eligibility criteria; and
    • ask you for a quote for any products and services that you offer which are eligible under the Good Energy rebates.
  3. Complete and sign the application package.
  4. Attach digital copies of the required documents, including:
    • proof of commercial liability insurance; and
    • all applicable certifications, licenses and registrations.
  5. Submit your application by email to your senior energy advisor.
  6. We’ll review your application.
  7. If we approve your application, we'll let you know and provide your membership materials.
  8. Once your application is approved, we’ll add your information to the Good Energy providers list.