How to use the Yukon Corporate Online Registry

The Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR) system provides public online registry services for:

  • business corporations;
  • partnerships;
  • societies;
  • cooperative associations;
  • sole proprietors; and
  • other businesses in Yukon.

Some basic services are provided free of charge and do not require a YCOR account. Other services require a YCOR account and have a fee.

Without a YCOR account

Free services

You can do basic searches to see information about businesses and societies:

  • existence;
  • registry number;
  • location; and
  • compliance with reporting requirements.

Service with a fee

  • Submit a name reservation application.
  • Print an up-to-date certificate of status.
  • Renew your declaration of business name online with the private filing key provided to you on your renewal notice.

You can use a credit card to pay the fee.

What you can do with a YCOR account for a fee

  • Advanced searches, such as see more details about a business or society and its filings.
  • Submit online reports for filing. You’ll need to request a private filing key (PFK) that will provide you access to different types of filings for a specific entity. The PFK is a security measure and will be mailed to the account holder and to the entity that you want to submit online filings for.
  • Incorporate societies (including transition to new the Societies Act – filing of constitution and bylaws).
  • Submit ongoing periodic disclosure reports for filing in the registry.
  • Submit a notice of change of registered address or change of directors for filing in the registry.

If you do not have internet access, you can visit a public library, or submit a paper form in person or by mail.

Electronic signature protocol

This protocol applies to all electronic signatures or signed records received electronically by Corporate Affairs from clients under the legislation listed in the protocol.

View the electronic signatures protocol

Electronic documents protocol

 This protocol sets out the process by which Corporate Affairs converts the original paper or electronic record into data within the YCOR database.  

View the electronic documents protocol