Change your society's bylaws

If you want to change your society’s bylaws, you'll need to pass a special resolution with your members and file your new bylaws with the registrar (see section 19 of the Societies Act).  

Find sample bylaw sets

We have 3 sample bylaw sets you can use:

You may also choose to create your own bylaws or customize the sets we have. If you do that, you might want to consult with the societies advisor or a lawyer for guidance. 

Find out more about our sample bylaw sets.

Pass a special resolution

Once you have decided on a set of bylaws to adopt, you need to pass a special resolution. You need to give your members notice of your intention to pass a special resolution to change bylaws. Check your old bylaws to see how much notice you need to give.

Find out how to pass a special resolution.

File online

We recommend filing this form online using the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR). The cost to file online is $20 and we'll file the form immediately. 

File online

Find out how to get a YCOR account and a private filing key

Submit a paper filing 

You can also download and fill out the form and submit copies in person, by mail or email to Corporate Affairs. 



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