Buy a developed lot

  • Buy a lot through a land lottery or tender
  • Buy a lot over-the-counter

You can buy developed lots for:

  • single-family residences;
  • multi-family residences;
  • commercial use; or
  • industrial use.


  1. Buy a lot through a land lottery or tender

    When we develop new lots, we offer them through a land lottery or tender.

    About land lotteries

    For a land lottery, you enter a draw along with other applicants. You can choose, in order, a number of lots you want to buy. We then draw names at random. If your name is drawn, you can buy your highest ranked lot that is still available.

    Prices for lots are set either by:

    • the market value of the lot; or
    • the cost to develop the lot.

    We offer land lotteries as lots are developed. When a lottery is happening, we advertise it. We post detailed application information on our website.

    Dawson land lottery

    There is currently a land lottery for 1 residential building lot in Dawson. Learn how to apply for this lottery.

    Other land lotteries

    Visit this webpage in the new year for information on the next Whistle Bend lottery.

    About land tenders

    We accept sealed bids for available lots. We then select successful bids based on criteria we choose for each tender. Selection is usually price-driven.

    We set a minimum bid price for each lot. Your bid must be greater to qualify.

    We offer land tenders as lots are developed. When a tender is happening, we advertise it. We post detailed application information on our website.

    Dawson land tender

    There is currently a tender for 1 residential building lot in Dawson. Learn how to bid for this tender.

    Get an email when new lots become available

    You can join our email list to get notifications when we release new lots by lottery or tender. To sign up or leave the list, email

  2. Buy a lot over-the-counter

    Over-the-counter lots are sold on a 1st-come, 1st-serve basis.

    You can view the lots available on our interactive map. The map includes:

    • lot size;
    • what the land can be used for;
    • how long you have to build on it; and
    • price.

    View lots for sale


    Buying a lot for yourself

    You must be at least 19 years old.

    To buy residential land, you cannot have an agreement for sale for another residential lot in the same community.

    To buy country residential land, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

    Buying a lot for a business

    To purchase a lot as a corporation or limited partnership, you must have:

    • a valid Yukon business licence in good standing; and
    • a valid Yukon incorporation certificate issued within the previous 60 days. You can also print out your corporate status from our website. Make sure your print-out is dated from the past 60 days.

    If your corporation is from outside Yukon, you must register as a Yukon extra-territorial corporation.

    How to buy a lot

    1. Visit us in-person to buy a lot at:
    2. We create the sale documents, including:
      • the sale application;
      • an agreement for sale;
      • the deadline that you must build by; and
      • a payment schedule, if you're not paying the full price.
    3. You pay an application fee of $25 plus 5% GST.
    4. You pay for the lot. We do not accept credit cards for this payment. You pay either:
      • the full purchase price plus 5% GST; or
      • a 20% down payment and 5% GST on the full purchase price.
    5. If you only pay a 20% down payment, the balance accrues interest at the greater of:
      • 2.5% above the bank rate; or
      • 5%.
    6. You sign the agreement for sale.
    7. We sign the agreement for sale. If you're applying from outside Whitehorse or we cannot sign it while you are here:
      • we can mail the final documents to you; or
      • you can pick them up at a later date.



Do you have questions about the process?

Our client services staff can assist you with any questions. Contact the Land Management Branch by phone at 867-667-5215, or email