Get help: property crime and theft

Some examples of property or theft crimes include:

  • stolen items;
  • break and enter;
  • credit card fraud;
  • car theft; and
  • vandalism.

Get support

Victim Services can provide:

  • support and information;
  • support reporting to police;
  • support and information during the court process; and
  • emergency financial help for a victim of crime

You do not have to report the crime to police to access Victim Services

Report to the police

It's up to you if you want to report to the police. You might choose to wait a while. It will be easier for police to investigate closer to the time of the crime.

Insurance companies may require a police report to process a claim.

Victim Services can support you when reporting to the police.

Find out about reporting a crime.

Talk to someone

It's common to have an emotional reaction to a crime. There can be many responses depending on the crime and the person. It is helpful to talk to someone about your experience and reactions.

Even when a crime does not involve violence or a direct encounter, it can still affect your:

  • confidence; or
  • sense of safety.

You may have a wide range of feelings:

  • insecurity;
  • uncertainty;
  • vulnerability;
  • anger; or
  • anxiety.

Contact Victim Services to help you through this process.

You can call or drop in to talk to us (no appointment required) Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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